Georgia Tech Activity 1: Career Matching

Target Audience for Activity: Grades 4-12


  • Students will learn about careers earned through higher education.
  • Students will learn about the Ivan Allen College.


Georgia Tech is divided into 6 colleges. Each college offers classes designed to prepare students for a career. See if you can match careers with the correct Georgia Tech College.

Students can explore these careers further through discussion questions, art project, and going to the Georgia Tech homepages for each college.

Match the Career to the College:

Career College at Georgia Tech
Architect Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts
Factory Manager College of Architecture
Airplane Designer College of Computing
Biologist College of Engineering
Computer Programmer College of Management
Ambassador College of Sciences

Let's Take It A Step Farther:

  • Which one of these careers would you like the best?
  • What would you do for your daily work in that career?
  • Draw a picture of you at work in that career.