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.POPULAT.ION ISSUEIf _ .,. .,~· .\/,·<:.··'.-,·.: -,:-~:'-~ ,,,·-~-~I . ~i-,. !

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'.l ··· PERTURBS H TIRTZ [ J./, -: . •'·· ' · ,._ .~~,, · H 1


Dangers F oreseen i ·r,'i "Just as science has made training in ,two \\.;Y~ by_ pro~·id-· ,ri-;/" ~ war t oo dangerous to be left _to ing an across-the-board mcrease I the aenerals, Mr. W irtz said, in medical t raining and by !)roj ;- _ .-_ .-·· · · I' "scie; ce, when it unloc_ks t~e viding a S30-million fund to ·<:- ;:Y;r ,. ·f arcane of thought an~ llfe Will es tablish 60 academic chairs to tf .>.• ·. • ;:_ · • ,-:,. · I either h ave made science t oo s tabilize the college's long-range He Discerns Inadequacies in i j f ,...,, . ·, ·.:.~ . . dangerous t o be left t o th e sci- educational program. ~ '\ !1~~;,;_s,' / : ,~,. _,entists or will have made gov- ' Ee indicat ed that medical Birth Control Discussio1is i . 'fl'::.;J -~ _s;.'t_·,..-·:· F.'t!i ernment t oo danger~us t o be student enrollment would in{_-,_ , }it,-.:,; ;{ ;,;~~ {- · .t;;' left t o the governed.' crease from 96 t o 120 a class, that enrollment for doc torates is E~~s!;~~h~~ll~:lv;~~it~~ would double from 45 to 90 and 1 t hat there would be a substanW il- ; · ·\ . .,% ,f>_}:f--'.:_'_,_, began yes terday a S120-m1l!Jon s e! ;et:~; Jard Wirtz observed critically 'Z.h'f': _:

/d, development program over a ti2! inc rease in the number of

. ' \,\i,,~j:;,,,. . .. • ·


1 10-year period to _strengthen_ :nte:n residents and post-docyest erday' tha t the controversia l "'(.lf_,:. and ex tend the me~1cal school toral fellcws trained. question . of birth control had t ...' .·, \_·, .. • . -~'0 progra ms of education a nd reTo pr'.lvide fac ilities for its not been dis cussed openly- :. . . ·. .qf. i..,._Y:: ~ search a nd the development of cxp~.nded enrollment, t he E in"unless -to be der ided"-a t the /r · _;;:·,,,.- , / ' · :,.J ::xtensive facilities. Medical School is planning r_ecentlyth heldh eletchtion catm- f:_ .· · ·"· J ack D. Weiler, chairman of ste::-i ./ E duca~:anal Center . paigns roug out e coun ry. f -·-..1.,, the Medical College's Board of :nr15-story He":~h Sciences on its N oting that some population ;. ,/ ,Overseers, a nnounced that the · -campu.;;. experts· predict there will be f , campaign h ad · started _ wi~h T he build ing would proYide three billion people 01· m ore by t/_ .· preliminary pledges of Sl J-nul- classrooms, lecture nails and t he year 2,000, :Mr. Wirtz added ~ . lion. laboratories, as \\'ell a s other that "t ~ere is ? . ;;:owing aware- i One of t he highlight s of the facilities, including a two -story ness tha t centuries after 1\1:al- I convocation was t he presenta computer center and headquarthus's warning- that t her e may , tion of honorary degrees to four ' t ers for a greatly expanded pronot be fo od to feed so many." l.......... prominent Americans for vari- gram of preventive medicine His r eference to :Malthus reThe New York T i mes ous achievements in their and communit y health. 1 ferred t o Thomas R. Malthu3, VIEWS BIRTH RISE: fields. · Three large middle - income 18th century economist who Secreta ry of Dabor W. WitCited were 1\fr. Wirtz, who apartment houses ,::'.I'. be built was a uthor of the theory that la rd W irtz said birth con- was awarded the degree of on' the campus site to provide_ population t ends to increase docto r of laws ; Cha rles H. Revresidential quarters fo r nurses, fa ster than the f::l:Jd supply, and trol issue s h ould h a ve been son. chairman of the boa rd of h ouse staff, married s tudc:-its, tha t war , disease and famine a re d iscussed m ore openly iii Revlon, I nc., doctor of humane pos t-doct oral fellows and juniur I !'!~ce~=~ry t k ee:' t:w popula- . t i!3 .::.Cl_ccfio-;: · · ca m 1i::i.i~l]s.;_: letters ; Dr. Albert B. Sabin, faculty. · tion in balanc with the food who developed oral polio vacsupply. P opula tion H althus said,, cine, doct or of science, and Dr. mus t be checked by moral reSidney Farber of Ha rvard straint.Medical School, doctor of sciSpeaking at a s pecia l convoence. cation at the Albert Eins tein Dr. Samuel Belki n, president Colle"'e of :Medicine in th e upof , Yeshiva University. who 0 per Bronx, Secreta ry Wi:·tz awarded the degrees, observed used t he birth control qu estion t hat the r ecipients represented as an example of the failure of,· the "creative pa rtnership of in his words, "the majority" to government, science and philanface u p t o t he k:iowledge· thropy in the growth and development of American medical science ~- consta ntly dc·,elop· · education and re earch." ing. . · · · I 'l'he new program. j\fr. Weiler "There is, at least," h e said, sa id, would streng then medical "a rouah equiv:i lent between both th; na ture and the infinite importa nce of t wo pur.,uits: that by the life scienti~( of th e method· of creating life, a nd that by society of how t o con- 1 . o! bi rth.. . J






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