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.·,I•,..,,.,, . . I ' •

-·u·- ·., / . ~-1 

~ ~ . "-,;· f: OFFICE OF ""SPECTOR OF BUILDINGS Atlanta, Georgia 30303 March 25, 1969 JAMES A. SMITH WILLIAM R. WOFFORD, P.E., R . A. CHIEF HOUSING CO D E INSPECTOR INSPECTOR OF BUILDINGS ELMER ·H. MOON, E.E., P.E. ASST. INSPECTOR OF BUILD IN GS Memorandum To: Mr. Howard Openshaw, Atlanta Housing Authority Mr. William Wofford, City of Atlanta Mr. Collier Gladin, City of Atlanta From: (l(l._%_,-,,:rt'- Mr. James Smith, City of Atlanta • Mr. Wallace Screws, Atlanta Haus in-;JAuthority -- ·Mayor Allen -recently request ed that the City further define and/or revise it's policie s for Hou s ing Code enforcement in Urb a~ Renewal and N.D.P. pr ogr am areas, including Vine Ci t y and Ea st Atlanta Planning ar eas . Following this request, Mr, W. A. Screws, Chief, Rehabilitation Section, and myself have had severa.l discussions regarding this subject. It is our opinion that the enclos ed policy) da t ed Ma rch, 19 69, would be instrume nta l in providing be t ter coord i na tion and unde r stand ing betwee n property owners, t e nant s , the Atl ant a Hou s ing Autho ri ty, all City De pa rtments and the public in gener a l. At the s ame time this policy should reduce the number of structures becoming deterior a ted and hazardous as N.D.P. plans are being formalized and activa~ed. This dra ft is submit ted for any changes you may f e e l are ne ces sary, a nd s ubseque n t act i on neede d f or forma l adoption s o th 2t the City's policy will be clear to everyone , both fr om a Public Re l a t i ons ' standpoint and for assist ance in preparing cases for legal action, should this become necess ary. JAS: lm Enclos ur e A TL A N TA TH E D O G \Y O O D CI TY �

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