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The Atlanta Urb an Co r ps Board of Trust e es shall be composed o f the outstan di ng l e aders fro m t he student, educational, busine ss and gov er nme nt c ommunity i n me tropolitan Atlanta, including the followin g : Stud ent Bo dy Pr esident s fro m Atlan t a area colle ges pa r t icipating in t h e Atl an ta Urban Corps. Coll ege Pr esid ent s fro m Atlan ta ar e a coll eges participating i n t he At l anta Urb an Corp s . The Di recto r s , or th ei r de si gn a t e d repr esentativ e s, of a ge nci e s u ti lizing fiv e or more in t erns. The Dire ctor s, or th ei r desi gnat e d r e presen t a t iv e s, of a genc i e s spon s oring t wo or mo re int e r n s. St a f f Di rector , St udent Di rec tor, Coll ege Re l at ion s Board Chairrnan . Memb e r s of the Exe cu t i ve Board , an d others deem ed n e c es sary by a maj ori ty o f th e Bo ard o f Trus t e e s. Th e t e r m of membe r s hi p o f an i ndi v i dua l on th e Board o f Tru st ee s sha ll be on e ye ar be ginning Apri l 1 o f e a c h y e ar . The Bo a r d o f Tru s t ee s s ha ll adv i se th e Executiv e Board of The At l ant a Urban Corps on the ov e rall dev el opment o f th e co l l ege in t e rn s hip pr ogr a~ . Membe r s of th e Boa rd o f Tru s t ee s a r e fr ee to at t end a l l mee tiing o f th e Exe cutive Board and to make all ~= ~ti n en t ~e co mmen da t i on s to th e Ex e cu t i v e Boa rd as i t deems de s i rabl e . Th e Board of Trus t ees shal l be t he u l tima t e po l ic y maki n g body of th e At l ant a Ur ban Cor ps. The Board o f Tru s t ees shal l el ect t hr ee non-o pe rational pro fess iona l s to t he Exe cu t iv e Board . These t hr ee shall include : on e represen t at i ve of partic ipat i ng coll ege fi nan cial ai d o f fice r s , one educato r and one a t - l arge .

�ATLANTA URBAN CORPS EXECUTIVE BOARD Student Dire ctor St ud en t el e ct ed by Coll ege Relations Bo a r d Student el ec t ed by Coll ege Re l at ion.s Board Studont el e ct e d by Coll og0 Re lations Board Pro gram Dir ector Prof e ssional repr e s en t ativ e of Stu dent Financial Ai d Offic ers of pa rt ici pa ting coll ege s Pr of essi ona l Educator Prof e ssio nal At - Large

Th e Exe cu t iv e Board s hall be r e spon s i bl e f or ope r at io nal policy th a t shall be c arr i ed ou t by the St a f f Di r e cto r . Personne l i nvolv e d i n da y ~t o-da y r e sponsi biliti e s shall ultimat el y r e port to t h e St a ff Di r e c tor . The Studen t Di r e cto r s hall work c lo s e l y wi th tho Staff Dir e ctor i n carryin g ou t th e s e r e s pon s ibiliti es . All membe rs of t ho Exe cutiv e Board will au to mat i cally b e membe rs o f th e Board o f Trust ee s .


�RESPONSIBILIT IES OF EXECUTIVE BOARD OF ATLANTA URBAN CORPS The Board has r e spon s ibility i n th~ fo llo wi ng areas : 1. Th e Board shall approv o a ll Iilt ornship dev el opme nts and shall de termin e tho ar ea s of Iilt ornshi p . It shall approve a ll n ew project ar e as for I n t e r nshi ps . 2. The Boar d s hall re evaluat e a ll Int e rnships and r omovo or r e ns si cn Int e rn s a s it dooms n e c e ssary upon r e co mmenda t ion by the Personn e l Co mmitt ee . 3. Th e Bo a rd shall mai n t ain fi nancial contro l ov er fun d s a ppro pri at e d to th e ATLANTA URBAN CORPS ~ Administration of sai d fund s shall be t he r es po n si bility o f the St a ff Dire ctor. 4. Th e Board s hall a ct as a n app eal Gri evanc e Board for a ll parti es in the ATLANTA URBAN CORPS , j_ n cl udi ng both s tud ent in t e rn s and the depar t men ts or a genc i es t o which Int e rns ar e as si gn e d . 5. Th e Boar d s ha ll de t e r mi n e a ll poli ci e s r e ga rdi ng public r e latio n s and in f o rma t io n r el e a s es . 6. Th o Boar d s ha ll de te r mi ne a ll e duc ational polici e s o f th e ATLANTA URBAN CORPS upon r e co mmon da tio i1 o f th o Educ at ion Dire c tor . 7. Th e Board shall d e t e rmine th e poli cy con c e rni n g the pl ac eme n t o f Urban Corps I nt e r n s i n a gen ci es . 8. The Board shall a s s ume a ll r e spon s i biliti es not he r ei n spe ci f i e d that ar o d eeme d n e c 8ssa r y to assur e t h e s ucc ess o f th e ATLANTA URBAN CORPS . 9. All of t he Exe c u tiv e Board poli ci e s an d dec i s io n s ar e sub j e c t t o revi ew by the Bo a rd o f Tr ust ee s a th e Board of Tru st oo s doom s n e c essary .


�PERSONNEL St2?f Director Studen t Dir e ctor I. Secretarial : (3 ) (1) Se cret ary (l ) Assistant Se cre tary (1) Cl e r k I I. Pay rol l: (1 ) (1) Fiscal Dir e ctor II I. Internshi p Development ( 4) (1) I nternship Developraent Dire ctor (3) City , Federal , Extra - city IV . Student Recruitment : ( 10 ) (1) Coll ege Relations Board Chairraan ( 9 ) Campu s Coordin a tor V. Finan cing : (2 ) Coll ege Work Study Pro gram (1) Studc11t Fi nancial Aid Coordinator Privat e (1) Privat e Financial Aid Coor di nato r VI. Fi eld Evaluation : ( 6 ) (June - Augu s t) (1) Fi e l d Eval uation Director (5 ) Fi el d Staff VII . Public Re l atio ns : ( 2 ) (1) Publi c Relat ion s Di rector (1) Publi c Rel ation s Staff VIII. Educatio n : (3 ) (1) Education Director (2) Edu cation Staff As i nitial rccruitmei1 t and i ntern deve l oprnont ar c acco mplish ed these pe r sonne l may be shi ft ed to f i e l d s taff . Tll o Staff Director shall appoint a ll personnel uhose appo i ntment ~i_s not spec ifi ed . These appo i n t men t s are subject to approval of the Executive Board .

�RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE CENTRAL OFFICE The Central Office of the Atlanta Urban Corps shall be responsible for the normal day-to-day operation of the Atlanta Urban Corps. Specifically, it is responsible for: 1. Implementing the Internship Program. 2. Processing of Intern requests as dire~ted by the Executive Board. 3. Processing of Student applications. L~. Maintaining public relations. 5. Coordinating the educational aspects of the Atlanta Urban Corps. 6. All other operational aspects of the Atlanta Urban Corps subject to the review of the Executive Board. 7. Development of intern positions in participating agencies. 8. Compiling and printing forms and brochures for use in the Urban Corps.


�ATLANTA URBAN CORPS COLLEGE RELATIONS BOARD The College Relations Board shall be composed of one student representative from each of the Atlanta area participating colleges of tho Atlanta Urban Corps4 Said repres entatives shall be nominated by the preceding College Relations Board and approved by th:JStudent Governments on tho respective campuses. The Coll e ge Relations Board shall elect the Student Director, the Coll e ge Relations Board Chairman, and approve th e Internship Development Director appointed by th e Program Director. The College Relntions Board shall have the power to remov e any of its selections to the above positions by a unanimous vot e of the Board. Abov e s elections shall s erv e as ex-officio members of the College Relations Board. The College Relations Board shall nominate three non-operational members of the Executive Board subject to the approval of th e Board of Trust e es. The Board sha ll advise th e Student Director, Coll e ge Relations Director, th e Internship Developme nt Director, and th e Fi eld Eva luatio n s Directo r in a ll matt e rs pe rtaining to th e r elationship b e t ween participat ing coll ege s and its student s and th e Atl a nta Urban Corps. Each r epre s entativ e to t h e Board shall be consider e d th e Atlanta Urban Corps coordinator for his coll e ge and shall ropr os cnt the Urban Corps on his own campus.


�EDUCATION BOARD The Education Board of the Atlanta Urban Corps shall be responsible for the educational aspects of the Atlanta Urban Corps. Specifically: 1. The Board shall be responsible for making recommenda tions to the Personnel Committee and to the Executive Board concerning the educational aspects of the InternBhips. 2. The Board shall be responsible for involving the a cademic community in the program in a meaningful manner. 3. The Education Board shall recommend all seminars or additional educational courses to the Executive Board. It shall also be responsible for exploration of course cre dit possibilities be tween participating coll ege s and s tudents a nd also utilization of existing course s for use by interns. The Educ a tion Bo a rd shall be chaired by the Education Director. The size and me nbor s hip s hall be de te rmin ed by the Exe cutive Board. The Student Director s ha ll appoint all s tuden t r e presenta tive s to the Education Board subject to the approval of the Coll ege Relations Board.


�PERSONNEL COMMI TTEE Members Staff Direc to r - Chairman Student Di rector I ntern coordinator from City Government Education Director Fi el d Evaluati on Director In ternshi p Devel opment Di recto r Coll ege Rel ations Chairman I nternshi p Coordinator from Ext ra - city agenci es RESPONSI BI LITIES OF' THE PERSONNEL COMMITTEE ATLAi:JTA URBAN CORPS The Pe rsonn el Committe e of the ATLANTA URBAN CORPS is generally r esponsibl e for th e placement and eval uation of Inte rns . I t rnakes r e commendatio i1s to t he Executive Board conc e rning all aspects of personnel r elations . Spec i fically , the Committ ee is responsi bl e for : 1. Making recommendations regarding i nternship positions to th e Exe cu tive Board . 2 . Approving tho i nitial assi gnment o f a ll Interns . 3. Makin g re commendations to th e Executive Board on the removal or reassignment of I n t erns . 4. Reassi gning those Int ~rns that requir e reassi gnment . 5. Conside r a ll pro bl ems conc er ning pe r s onnel r elations bot~een the Int e rn s and their Supe rvi s ors . 6. The Pe rsonnel Committ oo shall act as th e appeal board f or all ~r i ovanc os , base d on r ecommendations of the Fi eld Evaluation Unit .



Tm purpose

of this Fi eld Evaluation Uni t is t wo-fold. to provide an independent evaluation of th o performanc e of th e s t udent and the quality of th o assi gnment, and to provide direct assistance to students and s upe rviso rs in th o r e solution o f difficulti e s. Writt en fi eld r eports will be compil ed an d ma de av ailabl e to the institution or spon~oring agency. Fi el d staff membe rs will routinely visit students a t th eir nork locm..on s , conducting structur e d intervi ews wi t h t hem and thei r supe rvisors . A joint evalua tio n and r ocommondation r eport will be made on tho entir e pro gram by t ho fi eld evaluation unit and the Education Bo a rd n ear th e en d of tho work pe riod.


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