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l Mayor Ivan Allen City Hall Atlanta, Ga. Mr. Allen, I am writing in protest to a statement that you made on T.V. after the election runoff.

You stated that anyone who voted

for Lester Maddox was an idiot or very ignoranto hi

and I am not ashamed of it.

I voted for

I feel that I was very wise

in doing so and all who voted for hi

used good sense.

people of Geor gia had a choice and taey made it.

Who are you

I've always been told

to stand up and call people i gn orant?

I think you

that it take s an idiot to know one.


ade an idiot

out of yourself by proclaimi g this statement.

What kind of Georgian are you to get way they voted?

ad at people for the

Have you forgotten that thi s is

Maddox will stand up fo r what h e b elieves i freedo

loving people believe in.



and what the

He will not let ~us doWD

as you and all the others who have run for different offices. Everyone

akee all kind of pro,ises before they get 1

after they are e1ected they do not live up to the ·r

but We do

not f el that Maddox will break his pro iees that ie why the

a jority


voted r or hia o

I believe that Maddox will get a lot

El ct io (





ore vote s 1

t he Ge er al

ow that yqu _sai d what you di d , and what t h e p apers 0

You also eaid that you were goi



el ct i o

day o

�Thie goes to ~how AtlaRta and all of Georgia what kind of De ocrat you are.

What about the pledge?

do like Charles Welt ner. be happy if you would.

Maybe you will

I suppose a lot of people would I don't know what you are afraid

of, but it is about tie that Georgia got a Governor that would back the people. I

am thankful that I don't live in the city of Atlanta, but


am also thankful that I a

a Georgiano

You offered a $10,000.00 reward for information leading to the arrest of the one guilty of shooting the Ne~ro, but how much did you offer toward the arrest of the oneeguilty of hurtin g your police en.

It looks to me like you show more

love for the rioter e than you do for your police forceo you had used the

oney you offered for reward to g ive the

fir emen a rai s e Atlanta would be b etter of f . would take Kin ~s advice you've t ake


h is advic

and put the

Look s lik e you

baek to work , sinc e

before .

I think pe op l e lik e you who are agai et Madd ox should giv hi

a c han c e , then talk about hi• .

Who know e , he

i ght

ake on e of the be s t Gov er or e we have ev er ha d. Hie

1 d

1 ht chan e about a lot of thi

e, he •i ht paee

a lat where your kid of people (Neiroee ) ea

•ov e 1


you. I

I believe the peopl

of Georgia are tired of people like

Sa ders, LoB.Jo, and the Coa u 1st .

They wa t eoae r al full

blood d Aaeri us who will repreeeat th eo eo e who ie


fr edoa lovi

ot afraid to stand up ad fi ht for



v ryoa e

�rights, aad not try to pueh thinge that are u just down their throate. I am a ~emocrat and will continue to b e on e a e long ae we have people like Maddox runming for officee, but ehould a time cone whe

there i e no fit eugj ect runnin g for the·~

Democratic party the eon rumni

I would vote Republica• if that per-

c could ateh up with Maddoxo

The American Soldier i e fiihti»~ i

Vi et Nam aiain~t Conn-

unieia ad yet there iB a lot of it here in Aaerica.


Com uniet are eettini back 1auc h1n , at ue b ecau ee of p e ople like youo Si cerely,

Soneo e from Maddox Cou try.


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