Mayor Allen and the Making of the Atlanta Braves

These exhibits relate to the campaign to bring a major league baseball team to the city of Atlanta, an effort driven by Mayor Allen's ambitious plans for construction of a stadium directly southeast of downtown. With a completed new stadium, Allen oversaw the move of the National League Milwaukee Braves to Atlanta. In April 1966, the Atlanta Braves played their first home opener at Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium.

The "Building the Stadium" exhibit collects 17 documents and photographs in chronological order, from October 1964 to April 1966, that offer a series of stories about the stadium's construction, including local and national newspaper clippings, photographs of the stadium's construction, and an opening day scorebook. Narratives within the exhibit include references to the stadium's impact on the neighborhood where it was built, baseball player Hank Aaron's attitude toward living and playing in Atlanta, and Mayor Allen's use of the stadium and the Braves to promote a renewed national image of Atlanta.

The exhibit "Persuading the Milwaukee Braves to Become the Atlanta Braves" features 13 documents and 2 complete folders, the majority of which cover the months of October and November 1964 when discussions to acquire the Braves went public, including corresondence to Braves ownership and Mayor Allen, complaints from Milwaukee Braves fans, and baseball player Hank Aaron's stance on playing in Atlanta.