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Tuesday, at 2:15 p. m., Mayor Robert King High, will call you.
Regarding the Falcons vs the Dolphins, this Saturday in Miami.
This is a charity game for the benefit of the Variety Children's
Hospital, and is being sponsored by the Miami He z-ald.
Some of the star players with the Dolphins.
. are:
John Stofa, Joe Auer, Abner Hays, and kicking specialist: Gene Mingo.
Ma y or High, will tell you that since the Falcon s will probably be
beaten, that he is sending you a case of oranges and a consolation.
and you some come up with a gift in return.
. wuch as a case of
. I would suggest that you tell him that you will send him
a case of Coca - Cola, since Atlanta is the Home of Coke.
or a bushel of peanuts.
. This will be covered in Miami from Mayor
King High' s office .