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January 7, 1967

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Dy Johnson Aide

Special to The New York Times

high White House source said
Thursday night that the Admin-
istration was still secking new
ways to lure private industry
into the urban rehabilitation
field in order to exploit new
technological methods of re-
building slums,

But the official, Joseph <A.
Califano Jr., said that 2 much-
‘)publicized plan for a nationwide,
nonprofit corporation might not
be the best mechanism for ac-
complishing this purpose.

Mr. Califano denied, however, |
repeated rumors that ‘the White
House, because of what some
officials felt was a premature
disclosure of details, had aban-
doned that plan,

The plan was first described)
in The New York Times of|
Nov. 27. It had been developed
over a period of several months
by private housing experts and
officials of the Department of
Housing and Urban Develop-:

Low-Interest Mortgages

The mamn purpose of the non-'
profit group, which would be:
called the Urban Development}
Corporation, would be to lure
private mortgage money and
the private construction indus-
try into the rehabilitation field]
on 3 large scale. The main in-
ducement would be long-term,
low-interest Government mort-
gages. ;

Several Administration . offi-
cials said Thursday that. the
plan, which reportedly never
reached President Johnson’s
desk, was viewed with consider-
able ‘skepticism, in part because
it called for acquisition of slum
properties by the Urban Devel-
opment Corporation itself.

This meant that the were

tion might wind up holding a
great many slum properties for
which it could find neither buy-
ers nor renters. /
‘| However, according to these
‘lofficials, the notion of attract-
‘ling private enterprise into the
‘slum rehabilitation field js still
‘\very much alive.

A ranking housing agency of-!
ficial said privately earlier this
weelt that versions of the plan
were being refined to meet
'|White House objections. But he
jconceded that the President’s
State of the ‘Union Message
would probably contain no re-
quest for Congressional action
to set up a nonprofit housing


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