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He Discerns Inadequacies in
Birth Control Discussions


Secretary of Labor W, Wil-
lard Wirtz observed critically
yesterday that the controversial
question of birth control had
not been discussed openly—
“unless to be derided"—at the
recently held election cam-
paigns throughout the country.

Noting that some population
experts predict there will be
three billion people or more by
the year 2,000, Mr, Wirtz added
that “there is 2. growing aware-
ness that centuries after Mal-
thus's warning—that there may
not be food to feed so many.”

His reference to Malthus re-
ferred to Thomas R. Malthus,
18th century economist who
was author of the theory that
population tends to increase
faster than the f20d supply, and
that war, discase and famine are
necezsary to keen the nopula-


tion in balanc> with the food
supply. Population Malthus said,
must be checked by moral re-
straints i

Speaking at a special convo-
cation at the Albert Einstein
College of Medicine in the up-
per ‘Bronx, Secr etary Wirtz
used the birth contro] question
as an example of the failure of,
in his words, “the majority” to
face up to the knowledge
science 4s constantly develop-


“a rough equivolent between
both the nature and the infinite
importance of two pursuits:
that by the life scientis' of the
method of creating life, and
‘that by society of how to con-
ol birth.” }

CLO aera

Se manna pe


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5 ni

The New York Times
Secretary of Imbor W. Wil-
lard Wirtz said birth con-
trol issue should have been
discussed more openly in

“There is, at least,” he said,

2 campaigns, -

Dangers Foreseen

war too dangerous to be left to

the generals, Mr. Wirtz said,

“science, when it unlocks the
arcane of thought and life will
either have made science too}

dangerous to be left to the sci-

entists or will have made gov-
ernment too dangerous to be
left to the governed.”

The Einstein College, which
is part of Yeshiva University,
began yesterday a $120-million
development program over 4

10-year period to strengthen!

and extend the medical school
programs of education and re-
search and the development of
oxtensive facilities.

Jack D, Weiler, chairman of
the Medical College's Board of

‘Overseers, announced that the

campaign had started with
preliminary pledges of $15-mil-

One of the highlights of the
convocation was the presenta-
tion of honorary degrees to four
prominent Americans for vari-
ous achievements in their

Cited were Mr, Wirtz, who
was awarded the degree of
doctor of laws; Charles H, Rev-
son, chairman of the board of

'|Revlon, Inc., doctor of humane

letters; Dr. Albert B, Sabin,
who developed oral polio vac-
cine, doctor of science, and Dr.
Sidney Farber of Harvard
Medical School, doctor of sci-

Dr, Samitel Belkin, president
of . Yeshiva University, who
awarded the degrees, observed
that the recipients represented
the “creative partnership of
government, science and philan-
thropy in the growth and de-
velopment of American medical
education and research.”

The new program, Mr. Weiler
said, would strengthen medical

“Just as science has made


training in two ways by provid-
ing an across-the-board increase
in medical training and by pro-
viding a $30-million fund to
establish 60 academic chairs to
stabilize the college's long-range
educational program.

Ee indicated that medical
student enrollment would in-
crease from 96 to 120 a class,
that enrollment for doctorates
would double from 45 to 90 and)
that there would be a substan-
tial increase in the number of
intern residents and post-doc-
toral fellcws trained.

To provide facilities for its
expanded enrollment, the Ein-
stc!n Medical School is planning

ja 15-story Educational Center,
jor Health Sciences on


The building would provide
classrooms, lecture halls and
laboratories, as well as other
facilities, including a two-story

computer center and headquar-
‘ters for a greatly expanded pro-
gram of preventive medicine

and community health.

' Three large middle-income
apartment houses vill be built
on the campus site to provide.
residential quarters for nurses,

house staff, married students,

post-doctoral fellows and junivr,




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