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Box 22, Folder 18, Document 20

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November 29, 1966

TO : Meubers of Task Force
FROM 3 ArDee dimes 4A

_ SUBJECT: Secretary Weaver's Suggestions for the Long-Term Study

The following are suggestions for the long-term stuly made by Secretary
Weaver et his meeting with mesbers of the Task Force, November 25:


stock of existing prograns thet deal with probleas of

2. Explore the role of State Government in dealing with the problex of

3. Seek to develop an urban lend policy, which might stert with the

h. Re-examing the role of FHA in Light of todayh conditions; deternine

whether nodificstion or new mechanisas be developed to deal
with new end higher risk housing needs.

§. Analyze problems of determining where sufficient nortgage money
is to come from to meet rapidly housing needs in the
in this o "

6. Consider the problem of urben transportation.
7- Explore possible inducements and incentives to gain greeter coopere-

&. Examine the problem of achieving equel opportunity, end providing
economic, as well as ethnic ond racial diapersal in urbanized areas.

9. Consider problems and development of policy on new towns.


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