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THE ATLANTA CONSTITUTION has long been one of the |
staunchest supporters of OEO, with numerous signed

and unsigned editorials supporting all programs for

the poor. Editor Gene Patterson and editorial

cartoonist Cliff Baldowski have been typical of the

support given by all the Constitution staff.

The Atlanta Journal has given great support to
the Office of Economic Opportunity and its legislation,
particularly through editorial endorsement, the

" personal columns of Reese Cleghorn, and editorial

cartoons by Lou Erickson.

Television Station WSB has given strong, unusual and
consistent support to all OEO programs, not only in
its news coverage but in repeated editorial support
from Ray Hoare and his staff, and in the excellent

editorial cartoons of Bill Daniels.

Judge James Barrow - Athens, Ga.

In recognition of Judge Barrow's outstanding: civic
activities in assisting in the formation of the
Community Action Agency serving a multi-county area,
and for his valuable assistance in the operation

of the Athens Adult High School, a OEO funded adult

education program, the Urban Service Award is ,

presented to Judge Barrow.
Dr. William Holmes Borders, Pastor of Wheat Street
Baptist Church.

In Recognition of your profound concern for the
welfare of all men, for your dedication in extending
your ministeral duties from the pulpit to the
community to meet, not only the spiritual needs of
those you serve, but their need for housing, food,
and better jobs; for your insurmountable efforts to
meet with any group, to speak for any person, and to
work for any cause that motivates, upgrades, and
upLifts mankind toward a better life.

Mrs. Earl Metzger, Jr.

In recognition of your service as a volunteer civic
worker in the interest of uplifting of your fellow
citizens and your community.

In recognition of the services rendered as Director of
the "Volunteer Task Force" a training program for more
effective volunteer service by members of the Atlanta
Community, in the many social agencies and programs in
fighting the "War on Poverty".

Father Edward 0. Waldron, Rector, St. Alban's
Episcopal Church, Augusta, Georgia

Board Member - Richmond Economic Opportunity Council,
Augusta, Ga.

In recognition cof your extreme concern for the problems
of the poor in the City of Augusta and of Richmond
County. For your Christian dedication as you worked
unselfishly and untiringly to arouse your community to
become concerned also of their impoverished brothers

in their midst until the need to activate a broadly
based anti-poverty program to provide opportunities for
these families to live and enjoy a better life was
recognizedetayd actor phshed

Mrs. Mattie Ansle ATlanta Ge
eee sey .

Lote! eee

Employee - Atlanta Concentrated Employment
Program, Economic Opportunity Atlanta, Inc.
In recognition of your hard work and outstanding

services rendered in organizing your Community in

fighting the poverty,
William W. Allison, Deputy Administrator of Economic
Opportunity Atlanta, Inc. ©

In recognition of your keen awareness of problems,
untiring service and dedicated efforts in the

coordination of resourees of Economic Opportunity
Atlanta, Inc., State and Local Governments and the

Atlanta Community in developing and implementing unique

and effective approaches in fighting the " War on
Poverty" in the city of Atlanta.

Mr. Boisfeuillet Jones _ President of Woodruff
Foundation and recently appointed Chairman of
President Johnson's National Advisory Committee for

Health Facilities.

For outstanding and dynamic leadership as Chairman of
the Board of Economic Opportunity Atlanta, Inc., one
of the first funded anti-poverty programs in the

For your never ceasing dedication to Civic concern
for the city of Atlanta and your country as you seek
to make this a better world in which to live.

Mr. Dan Sweat - Director of Governmental Liasson for
City of Atlanta

For outstanding service in the development of the
anti-poverty program in Atlanta and for recognition
of your effective coordination of governmental agencies

and programs with the Mayor's office to alleviate the
problems of the poor and provide for them a better

life in the City of Atlanta.


| A.A. fe) Slee

The Atlanta Chamber of Commerce has recognized the

importance of these educational and employment
programs, and has tried to lead businessmen to under-
stand and support them. Mr. Sterne was president of

the Chamber last year when the organization went on

record supporting OEO and endorsing all sound efforts
to help the poor help themselves.
Posthumous Award Mr. Charles 0. Emmerich
Posthuno’s —_——— mr

In recognition of the valuable services rendered by the
late Mr. Charles 0. Emmerich, the first Executive

i i ity Atlanta, Inc.
Director of Economic Opportuni ;
Mr. Emmerich will be remembered as 4 dedicated pioneer

in the "War on Poverty". He will go down in een
as a "soldier who died for a cause he truly believe


The Athens Banner-Herald and the Daily News have
reported regularly and accurately on OEO programs,
and on all efforts in their coverage area to help
the poor help themselves.

bel beg

> ~

Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr., Mayor - City of Atlanta

In recognition of your outstanding and dynamic
leadership as mayor of one of the most progressive
metropolitan cities of the South and the nation

You, as a leader,have exhibited a keen and deep
awareness and concern for the citizens you serve.
have sought, and made effective inroads into, the
alleviation of problems 2xisting within your city in
your effort to make Atlanta a better place Seexhive,

for all citizens, especially those who are the less




Recognition wiate se given to yowséess your leadership
in times of,stress, especially for your willingness to
risks, and your unusual ability to lead your city
to aft effective understanding of the problems of the
citizens you serve. A

Recognition must be given to the unselfish way you
have shared your experience and wisdom with other cities
throughout the nation who call on you.

Atlanta is indeed fortunate to have you as a Mayor and
OEO is proud to make this award, in recognition of
your services.


Mrs. Virginia Barfield, Director, Lower Chat—

tahoochee Community Action A
genc Inc., i
lumbus, Georgia = is

In recognition of Mrs. Barfield's outstanding
work in accomplishing the coordination of
local resources in the establishment of the
MIND Center (Mental Intellectual Development)
at Columbus, Georgia. MIND is designed to
take low income Persons with less than an

8th grade education and upgrade them educa-
tionally 2 to 4 grade levels in 8 to 10 week
while also upgrading them socially and en- o

Fonmentally, and secures jobs for the ( R)
oye bk

os = 7 <F tid
graduates. The Urban Service Award is presented
to Mrs. Barfield.

Dr. Vivian Henderson--President, Clark College,
Atlanta, Georgia

In recognition of the outstanding service you
have rendered not only to the youth at Clark
College but for your interest in National prob-
lems and concerns

For recognition of your service as a member of
the National Advisory Committees on Manpower

and of the Upward Bound Programs and the Presi-
dent's Commission on Rural Poverty.


fae t= (2)

For the generous and graciousness in making
your facilities of Clark College available
to the Office of Economic Opportunity for
the training of Community Action Agency
staff and Board Members.


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