Box 3, Folder 12, Document 14

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Box 3, Folder 12, Document 14

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G/L jleaebale- Ae. ae os
BeZ2anvd2, See’,

Bf be JEEP ees

a2z- LCL pe
es ero At? Ze,

oe sect
LB é ga -tee. BF

GS Getic, fain Phe

ee oe
fete yee eee Pipe fs

ior ashes a eee a7 Fete, Ween

Attn 732 Lyne boa i, hehe

Coe ee oe pre oe
paar d ee Corilie/ CearK -~. ;

il tank toy, Bea able tay Yor
Cineeren) btwn JE, to-fK GS Yo gre oF

SO Tg Ee
i cat Bee ee fees Oh

cite by,
eT gk Meg rk pean FIPS BIT


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