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The poor recognize as does the general public the need for
transportation. In fact, the poor lives with this recognition
each day as we leave our homes in the early hours of the morning
and return late in the evening. It is we who are forced to use
public transportation and who are sometimes prevented from seeking
better jobs because of the lack of transportation. We want better
transportation, even Rapid Transit, if it planned in such a way
that our needs are met just like the other groups in the area.

1. The Georgia State Legislature is called upon to pass the

a. Increase representation on the Rapid Transit Board.

b. Revise the Rapid Transit program to meet the needs of
the poor people. ,

c. Offer new referendum to voters on rapid transit.

d. Permit sales of stock to raise funds instead of
increasing property tax.

e. Consider a payroll tax for Rapid Transit.
f. Supply transportation for special schools (Headstart,

Follow-Through, and other schools that deals with
mentally ill and physically retarded children).


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