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The December 11, 1969 meeting of MACHealth was held in the Planned Parent-
hood Board Room, 1st Floor, Gienn Building, after last-minute cancellation
of Room 619,

Those present:

Members Alternates Staff

Mr. Linwood Beck Mr. Flay W. Sellers Dr. Raphael B. Levine
Hon Wm. H. Breen, Jr. Mr. Bill Thompson Mr, A. F. Branton
Rev. E. B. Broughton Mr. A. B. Padgett Mrs. Harriet Bush

Mr. Jack Cofer Mrs. Merle Lott, R. N. Miss Rebecca Dinkel
Mr. Gary Cutini Mr. Henry Montfort Mr. Frank A. Smith
Mr. Drew Fuller Mrs, Gayle Matson

Mr. James Gardner Mrs. Lou Ashton

Mrs. Henry Mae Glenn
Mrs. Mandy Griggs

Dr. Quillian Hamby
Miss Sue Jockers

Mrs. Linden Johnson
Mrs, Evangeline Lane
Mrs. Gladys Lovett

Mr. William Pinkston,Jr.
Mrs. Ruth Robinson

Mr, Nelson Severinghaus
Dr. Luther Vinton

Mr. Lyndon A. Wade

Dr. Robert E. Wells

Dr. Luther Fortson

irs. Harriet Bush passed out questionnaires pertaining to Public Health and
asked that they be filled in and returned to her,

Mr. A. B. Padgett reported results of site team visit of December 2. He
said that there had been a rather lengthy visit with the site team, 9:00

A. M. - 1:00 P, M. The team had many questions. Mr. Padgett said that
friends had reported that the team seemed favorably impressed with the
answers to questions they raised and there was no apparent reason why

they would not go ahead with their recommendations for funding at the
January 26 meeting. This, of course, means that there will be no funding
January 1 as was hoped and it will necessitate shifting some items on

the timetable. Mr. Padgett called on Dr. Levine for an explanation of what
this means.

Dr. Levine added that the site team did not at any time appear antagonistic.
They had legitimate questions and wanted answers and were determined to

probe until they got the answers. He Said that he thought the group was
satisfied that MACHealth was the right kind or organization in regard to
MACLOG and CCAA. Dr. Levine said he felt that they were convinced that the
Systems approach was an excellent way for the council to have more information,
therefore, decisions would be somewhat easier to arrive at in this way rather
than using the current standard techniques of attacking one problem at a time
Page 2 = Minutes
and ignoring the interrelationships of the problems,

Mr. Padgett added that people on the council will have an opportunity to have
explained to them any questions that they may have regarding the systems -
approach which they do not understand clearly.

Dr. Levine discussed the impact of the delay in funding. He pointed out the
fact that there were a number of things which needed attention now and there
was no money with which to engage additional staff and this would necessitate
going ahead with inadequate manpower in many instances until April 1 at which
time MACHealth should become an agency on its own. At the recommendation of
the Regional Health Advisory Committee, MACHealth applied for an extension
grant to continue in the organizational phase for an additional three to six
months. Under this grant, urgent items can be done. Dr. Levine mentioned
the need for bringing a facilities review committee into existence by

Dr. Levine introduced the new organization liaison planner, Miss Rebecca
Dinkel, and reported that she was doing an excellent job.

Dr.Levine also reported the illness of Mrs.Loretta Barnes, Secretary pro tem,
and told the group that Mrs. Barnes expected to leave the hospital about
December 12,

Dr. Levine asked the Nominating Committeee and the Council to begin thinking
of logical candidates for the permanent offices: president, 5 vice presidents,
and secretary. He pointed out the need for a slate to be presented before the
end of December. He also said there could be nominations from the floor at
the meeting in January. He said the nominating committee would be glad to
hear from any individual on MACHealth who might have a logical nominee in mind
fcr one or more of the offices.

Mr.Padgett stated that the Community Council has been looked to by State
Department of Public Health as a review agency for requests for federal
funding and federal approval. He said that the Board of Directors of the
Community Council agreed to turn this responsibility over to MACHealth as soon
as we are ready. Nelson Severinghaus moved that MACHealth accept that
responsibility as soon as possible, The motion passed unanimously. Dr.
Levine added that any person who would like to be on this committee should
mention it to the Chairman pro tem. He also pointed out that a mental health
committee needs to be set up quite soon. He urged members to participate
diligently in committee work.

Dr. Levine brought the group up to date on the matter of Cobb County, the
misunderstanding through the press, etc. He stated that MACHealth is the
official agency for review of all health projects involving federal government
and it would redound to Cobb County's benefit to be a member in good standing
of MACHealth. The council will be giving a good deal of technical assistance
which will be made available to participating members, but cannot be made
available to non-participating members.
Page 3 - Minutes

Cobb County's holding out, said Dr. Levine, will probably mean about a

10% cut in the budget, with some reduction in staff. Dr. Levine says that

he feels sure that Cobb will come in eventaully. He said that there is a
commitment in the budget for 1970 from all counties except Cobb. $149,000
must be raised locally to match federal funds. Counties have committed

just under $100,000. It is hoped that $37,000 can be raised from private
sources such as foundationa, and $112,000 from. counties. -.Dr.-Levine Said that
even if Cobb decides not to come in, it is expected that participation from
other Cobb County agencies will prevent Cobb from being left out of the
budgetary picture altogether.

Mr. Severinghaus asked if the City of Atlanta was included in the budget;

Dr. Levine answered that so far no way had been devised to get city money
contributions into the picture. Counties are asked to contribute on a per-
capita basis, which includes cities within the county. He said that there is
no a priori reason why the cities should not be involved. They have an im-
pact on health and receive benefits from health, too.

Dr. Levine reported that the MACLOG incorporation was ratified in November.

Miss Rebecci. Dinkel reported her efforts to get through to Cobb County through
the Chamber of Commerce. She said that Messrs. Gilbert and Graham had
suggested a "cooling off" period, then beginning a new education campaign in
Cobb County about MACHealth.

Dr. Levine briefed the group about the work that the emergency health
services task force has been doing. He said that an application for a study
is almost ready to be submitted by Georgia Tech. He said that the appli-
cation must be submitted by December 20 and that the project was very closely
coordinated through a task force of MACHealth. The question of local
matching money and whose responsibility it will be to raise it was brought
up. Dr. Levine reported that several members of the task force had ideas

of where the money would come from and prospects for raising the money look
good. Mr. Pinkston suggested that the board take no official action on

this matter until more is known about funding, etc.

Dr.Levine asked if there would be any objections to stating in the application
that the group expects to stay within the framework of the MACHealth guide-

Mr. Padgett suggested that the application state that the task force is
working hand in glove with MACHeaith. There were no objections to this
statement. Gary Cutini urged that caution be used in endorsing projects
in order to avoid duplication and fragmentation, Mr. Padgett agreed that
MACHealth's main objective was coordination,

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 1:30 P. M,
Respectfully subnitied,
a, Uedtee
For Loretta Barnes, Secretary pro tem



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