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Box 3, Folder 14, Document 40

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Sum-Mec Neighborhood Service Center
65 Georgia Avenue, S. E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30315

August 1, 1966

The Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mayor of the City of Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Sir:

We, the members of the Citizens Neighborhood Advisory Council
of the Summerhill-Mechanicsville area, are deeply concerned
about the recent demonstrations reflecting the need for more
recreational facilities. We believe that the recommendations
proposed by the citizens group convened by Mr. Bennie Smith on
Thursday, the 27th of July would be effective steps toward
removing the causes of an unrest.

We, therefore, go on record in support of the following:

I. That the Mayor and Board of Aldermen be urged to
appoint a Human Relations Commission, with power
and a paid staff, for the purpose of acting upon
matters which need attention in neighborhoods and that
"erass roots" representation be included in the

II. That all leaders be asked to use their influence
to suspend demonstrations until the Mayor and
Board of Aldermen could act on the recommendation,
Monday, August 1, 1966.

Very truly yours,

Fee OHO (6 us)

Mr. Lewis Peters, Chairman
Citizens Neighborhood Advisory


Mrs. A L Benton Mrs. Leila Hancock Mrs. Doris Jennings
Mrs. Rosa Burney Mr. Robert Hewell Mrs. Gussie Lewis
Mrs. Annie B Byrd Mrs. Ann L Childs Mrs. Lillian Love
Mrs. Myrtle L Crew Mrs. Ruby Yancey Mr. J A Manus

Mr. Henry Cantrell Mrs. Sarah Houston Mr. Edward Moody
Mrs. Bennie Farley Mr E D James Mr. Willie Richie
Rev Ike G Powell Mrs. Sarah Baker Miss Elizabeth Bibb

Mr. Andrew Jackson

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