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Box 3, Folder 14, Document 43

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RESOLVED, that a full-time director with a staff be established

in the City of Atlanta with full responsibilities to establish and main-

tain rapport in the human relations area for citizens of Atlanta and for

the Atlanta community. The undersigned group urges the passage of the

necessary city legislation to implement the human relations office with

the necessary responsibilities and authority to completely implement the

objectives of such an office.

Mr. Bennie T. Smith,

Dr. H. E. Tate, Presiding Officer
Vice Mayor Sam Massell, Jr.
Alderman Q, V. Williams
Alderman Richard C, Freeman
Alderman George Cotsakes
Alderman Jack Summers
Alderman Rodney Cook
Alderman Charlie Leftwich
State Representative A, D, Grier, Jr.
Chief Herbert Jenkins

Helen Howard

Edward Moady

Rev. W. A. Hines

James Howard

Elmore Keith

LeRoy Aldridge

Pauline Kindell

Mrs. Martha V/eems

Rev. H. F, Green

Mrs. Sarah F, Baker
Theodore \W/ard

Sen Horace T, Ward

J. H. Calhoun

Capt. M, G. Redding
Clinton Chafia

G, A. Heard

James E, Dean

Rep. Charlie L. Carnes
Rep. Tom Dillan

Dr. C. Clayton Powell
Mrs. Dorothy Bolden
Rev. C.'D, Colbert
Rev, E, J. Jones

Dr. Gerald Reed
William Merritt

John Hood

Joel M, McGuire
Rosa L, Burney

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