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Economic Opportunity Atlanta, Inc.

O A 101 Marietta Street Bldg. o Atlanta, Georgia 30303 e
William W. Allison

Executive Administrator

December 18, 1969

Mr. Dave Houser

Arthur Andersen & Company
25 Pryor Street

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Dave:

In response to our conversation resulting from my previous
discussion with Al Bows on the Administration's proposed Manpower
Training Act of 1969, I am attaching a draft copy of the Bill
along with a summary of the provisions and a cover letter by
Secretary of Labor Schultz. I received the draft earlier this
year at a one day staffing sponsored by the U. S. Conference of
Mayors in Washington as Mayor Allen's representative. Subsequent
to this staffing, a committee from the U. S. Conference of Mayors/
U. S. League of Cities held an interview with Secretary of Labor
Schultz expressing the concerns of the Mayors of major cities
relative to the Bill. I am also attaching copies of two summaries
of such concerns resulting from manpower conferences which were
sent to City Hall after my return from Washington.

This morning I also had the opportunity to review the brochure
prepared on the coordination of manpower efforts. I expressed to
Al Bows my feeling that such coordination is not feasible unless
done through a political mechanism. I further suggested that the
attached Manpower Act would present this opportunity provided that
the city government has both the desire and commitment to take on
this task and make it work.

A few major concerns I have about the proposed Bill are as

1. That it is absolutely essential that the city governments
receive unincumbered grants from the State for manpower
Mr. Dave Houser



December 18, 1969


needs in the SMSAs. Most state governments especially in
the south are still basically dominated by rural interest
and political power, and based on past experience can

not be expected in the immediate future to address them-
selves voluntarily to urban needs.

The formula for computing training allowances under this
act is basically the same as under MDTA and is totally

City governments, however, assuming a manpower role under
this Act must be unincumbered in their objective evaluation
and selection of agencies and techniques to be utilized

in all aspects of manpower programs. This may mean the non
selection of some traditional agencies working in this

The Bill should be carefully watched to insure that an
appropriate concerned local government official is
selected as Prime Sponsor and that the mechanism for
this selection not allow for capricious designation of
irrelevant officers.

Recently President Nixon indicated that this Bill was on

what he termed his "red light" list of legislation. This
was interpreted to mean that items on this list would not
be pressed for legislative action this congressional year.

I hope these points can serve as a beginning point for our
discussion on the relevance of this proposed legislation for the
purpose and intent of your work toward realistic coordination and
consolidation efforts.



Clint Rodgers
Deputy Administrator



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