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Box 3, Folder 16, Document 9

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Oct. 5, 1969

Dear Dr. Cooper,

Attached is my critique on Dr. Fulmer's paper, “Manpower and Employment
in Georgia. I appreciate the opportunity to make this contribution. |. wa
My only regret is that the schedule did not allow more time for preparation
and review of the critique although I understand the necessity for the ’

The approach £ chose in doing my critique somowhat complicated the task
within the space and time limitations. I felt that the most valid
eriticism I could offer was to challenge the social and cultural assump-
tions on which the manuscript was based. I sincerely hope that I
euccecded suffictlently to provoke further thought on some of the ideas
and iesuea raised, If you have any comments, please feel free to

communicate there :
Sincerely, i :
aoe . f) ; . a
pf WY
rf fe
pfo fb ———
i a a x J oe Ds

“Clint Rodgers/

Fe i “? a2


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