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$1.2 Million Projects Okayed|
By Model Cities Directors


.The Model Cities Executive
Board approved some $1.2 mil-
lion in projects Tuesday, but
held up on two contracts with
Model Neighborhood Inc. af<er
Mayor Ivan Allen Jr. sharply
criticized its president.

The board agreed to hear
again from MNI, of which Ed-
ward Moody is president, chair-
man of the board and director,
before acting cn two projects to-
taling $35,000 which are de-
signed to assist ghetto busi-

“T’m obviously opposed te Mr.
Moody,” Allen said. “He is not
qualified . . . based on his asso-
ciation with the city ... his}
past record and his failure to
follow through.”


Allen noted that Moody had
been with city agencies twice
before—the City Parks derart-
Ment and. Model Cities program

The board sharply divided on
the question of funding MUNI,

noted that Moody’s name was
the to come up as the
executive board’s special review
committee screened project ap-
plications. The review panel ap-
proved the funding.

The board voted to expand the
review committee to include all
executive board members and
hear from Moody’s group again.
“Among the contracts ap-
proved were four totaling
$255,000 with Economic Oppor-
tunity Atlanta. One of the pro-
grams, Project Expand, at
$140,000 would set up EOA cen-
ters in Grant Park and Adair
| Park—against the protests of
| Joe Whitley, the board’s repre-
sentative from Grant Park.

Whitley said additional ser-
vices are needed, but argued
that a majority of Grant Park
residents don’t want EOA to
move in to provide them.

Peters charged Whitley with
speaking only for white resi-
dents. Mrs. Matte Ansley sug-
gested that Grant Park resi-

which has started a small gar-| dents ought to ‘face up” to the
ment factory in Summerhill and | fact that poverty exists in their
plans a shopping center im Me-/| area and accept SOA’s help, as
chanicsville. | have other neighborhoods in the
C. Miles Smith defended! Mode! Cities territory.

Moody’s project, while Deacon | JOB HELP

Lewis Peters and others op- | The board referred to the city
posed it. Clarence _ Coleman attorney’ s office a- resolution

proposed by a special commit-
tee headed by Co eman to give
Model Cities residents first
crack at jobs connected with the
various projects.

Aiderman Everett Millican, a
board member, said the resolu-
tion went too far by requiring
contract agencies to give prefer-
ential treatment to area resi-
dents. But when Millican tried
to substitute his own resolution,
the board would not go along
and sent Coleman’s proposal for
a ruling on its legality.

Millican had argued he had
talked with the city attorney’s
office, which had said his ver-
sion was preferable.


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