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Seventh Day Adventist Church

312 HIGHTOWER ROAD, N.W. PHONE: 799-7288

Office Of:

February 26, 1969

Dear Friends:

The first of our community awareness forums and vesper services
will be held Sunday, March 2, 1969, at the Berean Seventh-day Adventist
Church, 312 Hightower Road, N. W., at 5:30 P. M.

This week's program spotlights BOA: What is it--What has it done--
What is it now doing in the area of economic opportunity in Atlanta? Mrs.
Patricia Mason, Public Relations Representative of EOA, will be the speaker.

It will also feature volunteer benefactors of the program and their
particular experiences with the BOA,

You are cordially invited to attend the program which promises to be
informative and enjoyable in as much as you will be able to ask questions
and join the discussion if you so desire.

You will not want to miss this phase of the program nor the vesper
services designed to make the evening complete.

Do come, won't you?

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