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August 8, 1969

Ta: Mayor Allen
From: Dan Sweat

Sbbject: Analysis of Complaints on City Services

Iam attaching three pieces of information which you will find very interesting.
One is the summary of complaints from Town Hall meetings and recommendations
of the Community Relations Commission, The second is the monthly statistical
report from Johnny Robinson on the work of his City Services Coordinators.

The third is a summary of evaluations and recommendations of eight interns

who are working with the City Services Coordinator in various parts of the


As Iindicated to you before when publicity was released on the CRC's complaint
summary, I was surprised to find that the Parks Department came in for so
much criticism. I did not feel this was the case with our City Services

I have attempted to analyze the most frequent complaints in the CRC report

and the city services report. You will note the percent of total in each of the
major categories. Iam extremely impressed with the total number of complaints
received and corrected by the City Services Coordinator. This isa result, of
course, of the beefed-up staff utilizing the interns.

You will find the comments and recommendations of the interns very interesting,
and I think it is significant that only one of the interns consistently feels that
everything is wrong.

Ihave been exceptionally pleased with the fact that although the interns place

a great deal of extra work on the departments in getting complaints answered,
there have been very few complaints registered with me from the departments,


Mr. William H. Boone, Jr.





Do you believe the CRC can be the prime agent in getting
the School Board to fully integrate the Atlanta public schools?

The CRC can be a prime agent in pointing out any existing
inequities within the School system, and offer recommendations
to alleviate these inequities.

Can GRC do anything to speed integration of neighborhoods. + of

The CRC can make certain that all complaints concerning
discrimination in housing are thoroughly investigated. The
Commission can also work with existing neighborhood fair
housing groups in stimulating initiative.

At present, the CRC has no powers outside of holding hearings
and investigation should the CRC be given additional powers?

The CRC has not submitted any formal resolutions requesting
additional powers, and has been able to work quite effectively
without them. If some should be requested, this decision
would have to be made by the Board of Aldermen.

Atlanta is very heterogeneous in its makeup. How do you
make the CRC membership reflect the diverse segments. . .?

By appointing citizens representative of all segments of Atlanta.
What do you consider when you select a CRC member. . .?

Citizens who have the qualifications to maintain the very
excellently balanced commission, and who have the talents and
motivation te carry out the duties of the Commission,

Why did the Finance Committee give the CRC a sizable increase
in its budget this year....?

As the Commission developed its responsibilities, additional
financial needs emerged, and the Finance Committee and the
Board of Aldermen apparently felt additional funds were justified,
and, therefore, approved them.

As late as 1961, it was reported that you did not favor an official
human relations council. . .why did you change your view in 1966?

The answer to Question No. 1 also answers this question.


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