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April 2, 1969

Mr. William H. Boone, Jr.
3775 Gordon Road, Apt D-5
Atlanta, Georgia 30331

Dear Mr. Boone:

In reply to your questionnaire regarding the Community Relations
Commission, I hope the following information will assist in your


~. tial

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studies at Atlanta University:


What factors caused the city to create the CRC. ...?
This was a decision made by the Board of Aldermen to

provide a coordinating agency to work with various community |

What do you view as the job of the CRC. . .. .?

Attached is a copy of the Ordinance establishing the Commission
which outlines the duties and responsibilities.

Was the CRC created primarily to work in black neighborhoods. . ?

It was created primarily to work in solving the pewblems of
Atlanta's disadvantaged citizens, both white and black.

How can the CRC best serve the people of Atlanta?

By fulfilling its responsibilities as outlined in the Ordinance,
and by providing Atlanta citizens with factual information
concerning racial issues and working to eliminate some of
the existing misconceptions and myths.

Should it take an active role in changing racial patterms . . .?

The CHC is one of many organizations working to end the ghetto |
on the basis of race, creed, color or national origin.
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William H. Boone, Jr.

How do you feel the CRC is being accepted in the affluent
white community?

There seems to be an increasing interest and support of

the CRC from the fiffluent white community. Many people
throughout Atlanta are finding the Commission to be a
valuable agent in bringing about social change and equal
opportunity for all citizens through peaceful and responsible
means. Hopefully, this increasing interest will lead to the
involvment of more Atlanta citizens in the efforts of the CRC.

What were your feelings toward Mrs. Paschall as director
of the CRC?

Based on the unanimous recommendation of the Commission
members, I appointed Mrs. Paschall as its director, as I
felt the Commission deserved my full support.


Ivan Allen, Jr.



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