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February 17, 1969

Mr. W. A. Hewes

Chief Building Inspector
800 City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Mr. Hewes:

Relative to your certified letter of February 14, 1969, I wish to make

the following statements:



I did talk with a Mr. Newbanks on or about the date stated in
your letter about what we call Annex A which building houses
the boiler room, but not about the brick veneer building.

The compliance of the latter building that we have been
discussing was and is concerning title XIX and not regarding

any building code.

Some years ago, this agency put in a Sprinkler System, Fire
Proof Doors, Exit Light, Pire Proof Stair Cases, etc. at a
very large sum of money.

At the present time, three buildings are vacant; Annex A, B,
and F. They are housing only the hospital beds and other
furniture as we have not been able to sell or give away. We
have no futher plans to occupy these buildings with patients

Mr. Newbanks was interested in demolishing Annex A, D and E.
We have demolished D and E. Annex A, as I have said, houses
the boiler room which has a tall stack onto the building.

Many of the things you speak of concerning Happy Haven Nursing

Home #2, 1875 West Anderson Avenue, Southwest, have been
corrected and it is not being used to its fulliest capacity
at this time.

Page Two--Mr. W. A. Hewes February 17, 1969


The enclosed copies of letters will give you an idea of what

we are trying to do with the aforementioned buildings, and land
that we still own for the aged in the City of Atlanta and Fulton

However, in regards to Building #2, if you can help us find some
place to house the present thirty-one (31) persons in the above
mentioned building, County Attorney Sheats, Dr. Hackney, Mr.
Delaney, Fulton County Commissioners and I would be very greatful
to you, as we are still trying with no success. Moreover,

I am sure many other agencies who are interested in our cause
including the Georgia Nursing Home Association would be more
than greatful.

{ am sure you know that this is a non-profit agency having operated
in this city and county for twenty-three (23) years giving
assistance and care to people that had no other place to go, but
theabove named institution. We have no endowment funds, stocks,

or bonds to fall back on; we operate with what the State and
County gives and that is a11. However, if the thirty-one (31)
persons are moved, we would appreciate using the brick veneer
building to house our equipment from the other buildings, until

we can bulid.

With best wishes and kindest regards, I am


Yours truly,

(Mrs.) B. E. Mays

William Earl Inmon
Executive Director

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