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March 6, 1969


673 Capitol Avenue. S.W.
Atlanta, Ga. 30315

; Ivan Allen Jr., Mayor

J.C. Johnson, Director |

Mr. Lester Persells, Atlanta Housing Authority
Mr. Howard Openshaw, Atlanta Housing Authority
Mr. Collier Gladin, City of Atlanta

Mr. Johnny Johnson, Model Cities Program

« T0% Mr. William Wofford, City of Atlanta

FROM: James L. Wright, Jr. gw, .
Director of Physical Planning and Development

SUBJECT: Policy Regarding Atlanta Housing Authority and Atlanta
Housing Code Division Activity in the Model Neighborhood

The policy outlined in this memorandum contains recommendations
proposed by representatives of the Atlanta Housing Authority, Model
Cities Agency and City Building Department. This policy recognizes
the need for coordinated interagency housing programs in the Model
Neighborhood Area.

Please review and evaluate this recommended policy. You will be
contacted shortly regarding a meeting during which any comments
may be discussed and a concensus on policy agreed upon.

Rehabilitation Policy - Model Neighborhood Area

The Atlanta Housing Authority is responsible for all property improve-
ment efforts in every current NDP rehabilitation action area within
the Model Neighborhood Area. Current enforcement cases in action
areas which are under review by the Housing Code Division will be
referred to the Atlanta Housing Authority with copies of case
histories. Consideration of possible three percent loans or grants
will then be made by the Authority. If the AHA is unable to obtain
satisfactory rehabilitation of properties so considered, then
documented case histories will be referred to the City Building
Department for continuation and further enforcement procedures.

complaints or undertake investigation based on any information that
indicates a need for early inspection. New Housing Code cases will
be undertaken in accordance with Department personnel capability and
on a full code compliance basis.

N.D.P. - All Areas

Requests for Building Permits exceeding value of $500 for single unit
structure, or $300 per unit for duplex or multi-unit structure must
be accompanied by a recent work write-up or contract made by Atlanta
Housing Authority, a recent Housing Division notice or a letter stat-
ing the facts regarding the structure.

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