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January 9, 1969

Mr. Cary S. Hooks, Director
Federal Housing Administration
230 Peachtree Street, N.W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Cary:

It has come to my attention that in one of the Sub-Committee
reports enclosed with the Housing Resources Committee Second Annual
Report, December 12, 1968, in referring to the Federai Aviation
Agency (F.A.A.) a typographical error was made in the statement |
"December 2, 1968, the F.H.A. has not answered the City's letter |
regarding average price for the houses", The reference was |
actually to FAA. rather than to F.H.A. All copies of the report '
in this office have been corrected. |


We wish to apologize to you for this typographical error.
I am well aware of the extensive assistance and excellent
cooperation which your office has given the City on the matter
_to which the reference was made and I wish to take this opportunity |
to thank you, not only for your help on this matter but, also for |
your habitual cooperation with the Housing Resources Committee |
in the low-income housing field. |


Cecil A, Alexander |
Chairman |

CAA/MDJ/mc »f |

ec: Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mr. Edward H. Baxter
Mr. Lee Burge
Mr. Robert C. Watkins


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