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Office of the’ Mayow

PHONE 522- 4463

June 19, 1968

From Malcolm D. Jones,
Housing Coordinator

To: Dan Sweat Re: Attached Correspondence

Due to the fact that several of the West
End Ministers, citizen organizations and SWAP
all contended they were not opposed to Public
Housing, but to such a large number of low-income
families concentrated in one area, Cecil
Alexander suggested to Ham Douglas (attorney
for the ili fated Sewell Rd. Project, which
then consisted of about 85 acres proposed for
650 apartment units under Turnkey) that he
believed it was worthwhile trying again for a
housing development of mixed type structures and
for mixed economic’ status, (See Item DNM-1
in HRC status report of HRC Low-income Housing
Status Report of January 15, 1968). This appears
to be the outgrowth of that suggestion.

Frankly, I do not believe another project,
all under Turnkey, would be any more successful
in this location than the first one, as it
would of necessity be occupied by people all
of whom would be in the low-income group. A
mixed program development on this location would
have a much better chance of success.

Although single family houses can legally
be developed under Turnkey, the 18,000 sq. ft.
lots proposed for this purpose is simple not
practical. The majority of the area is now
zoned R-5, minimum requirement for which is

FORM 25-15
PHONE 522- 4463

June 19, 1968

From Malcolm D. Jones, Page 2

Housing Coordinator

lots consisting of 7,500 sq. ft. For Turnkey
development the minimum lot size for single-
family houses could appropriately be reduced
to 5,000' sq. ft., instead of being increased
to 18,000 sq. ft.

If single-family houses should be developed,
appropriate for a 18,000 sq. ft. lot, they would
not qualify for Public Housing and would not be
successful in the sub-division with Turnkey
apartments and duplexes, whereas less pretentious
houses and lot size might be.

In summary, I feel that there is
justification for reconsideration of this site
for a multi-program housing development, but
not as a 100% Turnkey project.

Malcolm D. Jones
Housing Coordinator

Encl: Letter and Memorandum
dated June 18, 1968

FORM 25-15


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