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Box 5, Folder 5, Document 69

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824 Hurt Building

Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Telephone 523-6074

June 10, 1968
Housing Resources Committee
City of Atlanta
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Attention: Mr. Malcolm D. Jones
Re: Gilbert Gardens - Ralph Pass's

letter of June 7, 1968, in response
to Mayor Allen's letter of May 31, 1968.


Concerning the status of above-named project, the estimates have
not been approved by HUD and therefore the developer's price of $4,028,775
is still only a tentative figure and subject to change. Assuming that
approval is imminent, we must then request additional money from HUD
to cover revised charges due to changes after the letter of intent.

In view of these facts it is improbable that a contract will be signed
by June 17, 1968,


John R. Garner
Assistant Technical Director

JRG: gk

ans viens Dan 8. Sweat, Jr., Director of Governmental Liaison
Mr. Ralph P. Pass, Jr.



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