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Box 1, Folder 3, Document 56

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May 1, 1969

Mr. J.U. Flanigan
245 Third St. &.E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30517

RE: 1600 Dixie Ave. S.z.

Dear Mr. Planigan:

Your recent inquiry concerning the Murphy Apartments was forwarded to
this office. on

On April 10, 1969, we had summoned Mr. Thomas Reaves, owner of these
properties, into Municipal Court fox violation of just about all of the
sections of the Housing Code. He appeared before Judge Robert Sparks and
was given a $500,00 suspended fine ard 90 days to fully comply with the
Housing Code.

You may vest assured, that at the end of the 90 day pericd we will

inspect again to determine if the properties have been repaired,

Sincerely youre,

G.D. Hitchcock
Staff Officer,
Codes Compliance Office

cpus js

ce: WR. Wofford,
Building Official


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