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Box 6, Folder 9, Document 13

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September 12, 1969

Mr. C.C. Villarreal, Administrator
Department of Transportation

Urban Mass Transportation Administration
Washington, D.C. 20599

Dear Mr. Villarreal:

On June 27, 1969, we submitted to your Office an application for
D.O.T. assistance in developing a Sub-Area Transportation Study
for Central Atlanta, through a team effort of the City of Atlanta
and Central Atlanta Progress, representing our downtown businese

Under our present circumstances of rapid downtown growth,
the threat of strangulation from traffic, a time delay in our
rapid transit program, the status of highway building and traffic
improvements, and your Center City Team Phase Ii effort just
announced, we feel that the Central Atlanta Program is urgentiy
needed and can help accelerate the other programs.

The Center City Project and the Central Area Study were designed
to be mutually supportive. Concurrent implementation ef these
twe programs is essential if either is to achieve maximum desired

If you have any questions, our Planning Directors, Collier B.
Gladin and Donald G. Ingram of Central Atlanta Progreas can
meet with you at any time,


JAIR ja n Allen, Jr.

ee: Congressman Fictcher Thompson
Senator Richard B. Russell
Senator Herman Talmadge


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