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The Urban Coalition / Federa/ Bar Building West | 1819 H Street, N,W. Washington, D. C. | 20006

Steering Committee Co-chairmen: Andrew Haiskell [A Philip Randolph

November 24, 1967



The third in a series of regional conferences to assist local
communities in forming their own Urban Coalitions will be held
in San Francisco on November 30 in the San Francisco Hilton.

The program format will be similar to those used for the
previous two successful conferences in Chicago and Minneapolis,
with emphasis on “how-to-do-it" workshops. The three general
sessions will feature remarks by San Francisco Mayor Shelley

and Mayor-Elect Alioto, The Most Reverend Joseph McGucken,
Kenneth Wright, Vice President and Chief Economist of the Life
Insurance Association of America, California State Assemblyman
John T. Knox, Bishop Donald Harvey Tippett and Frances Barnes,
Vice President of the Crown Zellerbach Corporation and President
of the Management Council for Bay Area Employment Opportunity.

A similar regional conference for eastern cities, originally

ee eee eC

because of scheduling problems to the second week of January.
You will shortly be advised of the exact date.


More than 40 Washington representatives of organizations which
support the program of the Urban Coalition attended a luncheon
meeting in the Statler Hilton Hotel on November 20.

Featured speaker Mayor John Lindsay of New York City stressed
the necessity of a united legislative effort to move bills
supported by the Coalition through Congress. Andrew Biemiller,
Legislative Director of AFL-CIO, cited a case history to
illustrate the positive value of business and labor representa-
tives going together to call on Congressmen. Rabbi Richard G.
Hirsch of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations described

National Coordinators: John Feild / Ron M. Linton
Telephone 293-7530
the growing awareness of church groups of the need to be active
in public affairs.


On November 21 the Task Force on Private Employment met in
Detroit with the Employment and Education Committee of the New
Detroit Committee. The meeting was chaired by William M. Day,
president of Michigan Bell Telephone Company.

In his remarks to the group, Task Force-Co-Chairman Gerald
Phillippe, Chairman of the Board of the General Electric Company,
said "As a representative of the Task Force on Private Employment
I have been encouraging businessmen to enter into a regular
program of exchanging ideas on this subject and pitching in on
useful programs to get at some of these urgent needs. All
sectors of the society need to help each other and we need to
join together in useful programs to create new opportunities

for self-realization in our City slums."

"In some cities it would sound strange, but there is a growing
feeling among businessmen of my acquaintance and among some of
our own General Electric plant managers that a substantial
measure of our business success in the future is going to depend
on our ability to help a good number of these hard-core unemploy-
ables become productive workers and citizens."


The Task Force met in New York on November 21. Twelve additional
members have been recruited to work with this group. A major
working paper is being developed to guide this Task Force in
developing a long-range program.


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