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The undersigned are residents ‘of the Seminole Court Apartments. The building.

at 585 Seminole Ave., N. E., directly South of the apartments, is to be razed
in the near future because of the Expressway. Several other buildings in this
neighborhood have been razed by Hudgins and Company, and the combustible mater-
ials were burned at the site. However, the law limiting the size of the fire
to 10 feet in diameter was not obeyed, the fires were often 40 to 50 feet in
diameter, and the material was not completely burned but was doused with water
and left smouldering for several days. Also, the burned-out debris was not
taken away, This caused an unpleasant odor, and is harmful to the health.

Because of the danger of fire to the Seminole Court Apartments, whose upper
floors are constructed of wood, and the failure of the contractors to observe
the law, we are respectfully petitioning you to refuse a permit to the contrac-
tors to burn the combustible material when razing the building at 585 Seminole

Avée., N. EB.


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