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Community Relations Commission
City Hall, Room 1202

68 Mitchell Street, S W
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Attn: Mrs. Pasckall

Dear Mrs. Paschall,

2107 Oakview Road, SE
Atlanta, Georgia 30317

Mareh 21, 1967

We, the undersigned homeowners, have been informed by the City

Attorney's office that five property owners can bring action which

can bring about the closing of a public nuisance.

This property is located at 2104 Oakview Road, S E and is owned

by Pair and Maico Realty. It is known as "house on muddy hill". This

company has owned thiaé property for approximately 2 years and for

this time it has been operated as a house of business. We have infor-

mation that the house is unfit for human occupancy.

The house, which is located several hundred yards from nearest

street light, is occupied by various transients with no evidence of

moving in or out. One regular, Louella Whitting, has apparently oc-=

cupied some portion of downstairs for about 8 months.

We have observed activities which detectives from Atlante and

DeKalb County have informed us is evidence of lottery, bootlegging,

prostitution, shoplifting and fencing. We do not mean to imply that

all of these businesses are conducted at the same time.

The most annoying characteristic of this house is the parade of

taxis that arrive,blow their horns and depart all through the night.

A more entertaining feature is the drunken brawls which occur inside

and out usually at night.


Our reports to the police dept. are ignored, however, the police
do come to this address when there is no disturbance, specifically,
February 18,1967 at 2:00 AM uniformed, heavy-set white male driving
Atlanta Police car stayed about 10 minutes. And March 17,1967 8:45PM
uniformed, well-built, 6' white male driving Atlanta Police car stayed
inside more than 15 minutes.

this house is a dangerous threat to the city because October 14,
1966 a mob congregated at this address and by 10:00 PM the street as
fer as the eye could see was blocked to traffic, because street and
lawns were filled with several hundred drunken couples, many in their
early teens. We were told they were from the 4th Ward area. Many home-
owners in this area called many times for protection. We know of at
least 30 calls that were made. We were informed by Capt. Little at
11:15 PM that they were changing watchs and it would be 1 hour before
we could expect an officer to arrive.

The first assistance to arrive was in the form of Rev. Daniel
Bryan of Kirkwood Christian Center at about 12:30 AM. After this epi-
sode, we circulated a petition requesting relief from this situation
and collected over 100 concerned homeowners and taxpayers signatures
from this immediate area.

We have in our possession a letter signed by Mayor Ivan Allen
stating that he had checked city records and no arrests have ever
been made at 2104 Oakview Road, S lie

We, the undersigned hereby petition that this public nuisance

and threat to the safety of the community be closed.

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