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Box 1, Folder 14, Document 29

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August 18, 1969

FROM: Dan Sweat

Chief Williams has written a letter to Mayor Alien submitting information
which addresses itaclf to the "Memorandum Regarding Discrimination
Against Black Firemen of Atlanta" presented to the Mayor and Fire Depart-
ment officials on August 8th.

The letter contains attachments which includes a summary and analysis of
promotional policies, a description of firing practices and a statement of
exploration regarding the Atlanta Firemen's Recreation Club. Also included
is an August Sth memo from Chief Williams to all personnel of the Atlanta
Fire Department reiterating Fire Department policies invilving the proper
form of verbal address of firemen and superior officers and assignment of
fire station personne) as acting officers or extra apparatus operators.

Ihave given copies of all correspondence between Chief Williams and Mayor
Allen to Mr, William Hamer, Fireman at Station 16, Spekesman for the
Black Fireman.


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