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by ; «i a SHEPARD cecorating company i:

oe EMH Aby

16 YONGE ST. S. E., ATLANTA, GA. 30312 oes 7
ye (404) 525-8441 wennen

April 14, 1969

sitet saiebaal ee OM foagbk theby

46 Courtland Street S. E.

Atlanta, Georgia

| Dear Chief Seagraves:

We at Shepards do hereby request equal and fair treatment
| under the "City of Atlanta Pire Code.“

“4 . "To wit" the Atlanta Fire Department has since 1963 required
ee our Company to use flameproofed material in all our decorations.
~~ This means that we had to take the following steps:
a i. Stop using cloth purchased from local tax paying
| fr merchants, We now purchase all our cloth from
ac New York City merchants.
iy rg

2. We had to throw away over $6,000 worth of overhead
drapes used at the Southeastern Fair and other
locations because it was not flameproofad.


ik 3. All of our table covers had to be tora up and used
“g as crags. This item cost my Company over $5,000

annually due to the Dental Shows and other large
table shows. !

ij 4. . All of ovr plastic plants had to be junked and live

ae plants used on our shows. However the “Home Show"
ean still use such plants, Hotels still use non-
flameproof plants.

On the other hand the following items have been reported with no
action taken.

1. Aaron Rents was reported on three (3) separate
eceasiona for not wae flameproofed cloth.
Ae G.£.A. ~ March 196
B. Mart Gift Show - January 1969

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Conveniton Sarrine © Contacte


aaa ° SFEPARD decor ating cc aapeaty sak

16 YONGE ST. S. 3., ATLANTA, GA. 30312 “inate
Chief J. F. Seagraves (404) 525-8441 tapers
Fire Marshall .


On the last show eleven (11) exits were found blocked and
the floor plan was not approved. However Aaron was allowed

to continue using non-flameproof cloth. This is i
of the City Fire Code. . n violation

Aaron does not get their floor plans approved as required
2. That the Atlanta Merchandise Mart exhibit floor
dees not meet the minimum requirements for aisles
and fire exits as set forth by your department.

3. That the 1968 and 1969 Camping Show and Boat Show

wa has less cross aisles and smaller than required on
i other shows, even though these shows have a larger
Vue public attendance than other shows.

4. The Southeastern Hospital Association requested that

P we submit a floor plan showing a larger number of
a booths in the Marriott exhibit hall than would meet

‘¢ the standards set forth by your office. Our competitor
7 meet their requirements and had 6 foot and 7 foot aisles.
When we pointed out to your office that the floor was
not layed out as per your approved plan no action was
Sa. taken,

D |

Jt We could site case after case of non compliance with the Atlanta
Ta Fire Code as you have explained it to our Company. Your ruling

against non-flameproof cloth alain has cost our Company better

nee gz than §10,000 plus per year.


Ye We do hereby request the following:

im? 1

1. That the Fire Code either be enforced equally or

2. That one man, other than yourself, be charged with
the responsibility of inspecting each show. No matter
when the show is held. This this man by charged with
the following duties.

A. That all exits are clear and open.

‘B. That no fire hazard is present.

Cc. That ali City of Atlanta Codes are met.

D. That the floor plan is approved before the
show opens.

E. That no set working hours are kept. He should
be present on a show be it night, Saturday or

Convention Service Contiartoxs

3 etd ERED ws noe
Mes ae gst few. he
Eves = GEIERA RD fle:
Page Thr decorating company f ila:
16 YONGE ST. S. E., ATLANTA, GA. 30312 “Gi ee
(404) 525-8441 MEMBERS
Chief J. F. Seagraves
Fire Marshall
We have moved our City into the big league convention arena.
Lets not tarnish our image by ill-defined and/or hap-hazard
enforcement of our fire code.
In closing I wish to commend you Chief Seagraves and your
department in the outstanding job you have done in fire
prevention. My complaints are not directed at you or your
men. I just feel that enforcement has been almost an honor
We need someone who is not bogged down with other fire preven-
tion duties to oversee the convention industry. We do not
ae want another Winecoff or McCormick fire in Atlanta.
‘ 4 I will await your reply, I remain
Sincerely yours,
om. f Vayche A
is 5 }
Ey) P.S. I have taken the liberty of writing you as you once said
i you have to act on all written request.
‘ _ @@: Mayor Ivan Allen
4 ec: Chief P. 0. Williams |
‘ cc: Mr. Bill Knight - City Councilman
} cc: Mr. Jim Hurst ~ Convention Bureau

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