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Box 8, Folder 22, Document 26

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May 1, 1967

Honorable William B. Hartsfield
Mayor Emeritus - City of Atlanta
Standard Federal Savings Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Mayor Hartsfield:

Reference is made to your letter of April 20th pertaining to
methods of annexation and the possibility of the City annexing
the area adjacent to the Atlanta City Limits in the Sandy Springs
area which has always voted for annexation.

Iam enclosing herewith for your information a copy of Senate
Bill #182, "Municipalities - Annexation by Petition, Procedure,
Etc. " adopted in 1966 together with an ordinance by the Mayor
and Board of Aldermen approved September 20, 1966. It would
appear to me that where the residents of either the Sandy Springs
area or the North Atlanta area are contiguous to the City Limits
of Atlanta and the residents of such area desire to be annexed
that this would be the most expedient means 6f annexation.

I would appreciate receiving your opinion on this.

Sincerely yours,

R. Earl Landers
Administrative Assistant




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