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July 24, 1969

Summation of a discussion between Atlanta Urban Corps and Fulton
National Bank

Participants: J. Leland Phillips, Vice-President, Fulton National
Inmond Deen, Urban Corps
Dave Whelan, Urban Corps

Materials presented: Atlanta Urban Corps Prospectus, labeled
appendage "A''",

Length of Discussion: 50 minutes
Major Topics:

1, Definition of Atlanta Urban Corps goals and scope

2. Fulton National's involvement in the community

P (As a representative sample, Fulton National provides fi-
nancial support to United Appeal, Lovett School, Westminster
School, private colleges in Georgia, )

3. Fulton National, according to Mr. Phillips, has a Founda~
tion which was created 5 years ago and which does not as yet
yield substantial income. As a result of this the bulk of the
money donated to service organizations, etc, is taken from
the bank's net profit.

4, Need to coordinate various service groups in the Atlanta area
in a fashion similar to United Appeal.

5. The ineffectiveness of Federal programs to achieve results,
i.e. Job Corps, VISTA.

6. The stigma of the name Urban Corps.


Fulton National Bank appears to be a rather conservative organiza-
tion. The Urban Corps would profit considerably from endorsement of
its program by Fulton National Bank, The prospects of Fulton National
Bank providing financial support and thereby endorsing the Urban Corps
are good, The relationship, however, must be carefully cultivated.

Action Taken:
Fulton National has been placed on the Urban Corps mailing list in

an effort to provide continuing information to the bank and thereby permit
closer observation and evaluation of the Atlanta Urban Corps.

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It is recommended that the Director who will assume leadership
of the Atlanta Urban Corps at the expiration of the 1969 Summer Pro-
gram contact personally Mr. Phillipps and present and explain the most
thorough evaluative summary of the Atlanta Urban Corps that is obtain-
able. It is felt that if the program has achieved substantial fulfillment
of its goals and Mr. Phillipps is appraised thereof, Fulton National
Bank will provide financial support.


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