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Box 9, Folder 1, Document 43

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30 COURTLAND STREET, N.E. / PHONE [404] 524-8091 / ATLANTA, GEORGIA 30303


TO: George Berry DATE: December 3, 1969

FROM: Ken Millwood AWA.

SUBJECT: Urban Corps Unanticipated Revenue

Enclosed you will find a miscellaneous requisition, its
related bill, and two contribution checks payable to the
Atlanta Urban Corps in the total amount of $1,025.00. The
two checks are:

American Telephone & Telegraph $1,000.00
Mr. W. Elliott Dunwoody, Jr. $ 25.00

This unanticipated revenue is to be totalled with the
present balance of $37.81 quoted in my memo of October 14,
for a new total of $1,062.81. The requisition for $113.75
payable to Norrell Temporary Services brings the new balance
to $949.06. As stated in our meeting of December 2, we will
maintain a record of this balance.

cc: Mr. Hugh Saxon


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