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Box 9, Folder 1, Document 51

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November 25, 1969

Mr, Charles L. Davis
Divector of Finance
City of Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Charlies:

The agreement with which your letter of November 24, 1969 is
concerned was sent up to you on November 21, 1969. It commits
the City te pay a lump sum of $5, 094, 00 to the Southern Regional
Education Board for the 21 interns that have been utilized by the
City this fall. You will shortly receive e detailed invoice, broken
down as to cost by intera, for this amount to be paid te the SREB.

Notwithstanding the fact that you had this contract in hand before
your letter was written, your threat to cut off the Urban Corp's
funds is highly improper. Their funds were appropriated by the
Board of Aldermen for a specific purpose and are being used
consistent with this purpose, We will continue to process the
payroll of the Urban Corps staff and process requecte for other
payments consistent with their appropriation, and it will be
expected that they will be honored and processed whiess the Mayor
and Board of Aldermen direct otherwise.

Very truly yours,
George J. Serry
Deputy Chief Administrative Officer
ee: Mr. Ken Millwood
Linda Anderson
Gerald Beraal

Horace Ward


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