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AFFIRMATION ATLANTA from Summit Leadership Conference

We the undersigned citizens of Atlanta, Georgia are seriously
concerned about the welfare and progress of our city. We have noted
with pride the substantial progress which has been made in many areas
of our social, civic and economic life, particularly in the last five years.
For the first time many of us feel that we are not only a part of the city,
but that we have deep and significant stakes in its welfare and in its
progress. We realize that while we have made progress, there are still
areas in which we need to make more significant advances and these
with haste. We are disturbed, however, that there appear to be elements
in the city which do not have the total welfare at heart of the groups which
they appear to represent, These individuals, we are afraid, believe that
progress can be made through disturbing the best rather than working
with the wholesome elements in our population to keep Atlanta headed in
the right direction. We want all good citizens to know that while we
deplore certain shortcomings to be found in our social, economic and
civic life, that we do not feel that violence or breaking of laws is useful
in helping us to achieve the complete human equality for which we work and
for which we will continue diligently to strive. We pledge our strong
cooperation with all the forces of law and order that Atlanta will become
a completely open city which we desire... where every man regardless
of his social, racial or economic status will have completely those

opportunities for the good life available to any other citizen, In attestation
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of these ideas, we the undersigned pledge to our fellow-men in the
City of Atlanta our most ardent efforts and our continuous help.

Samuel W. Williams
Alderman Q. V. Williamson
Co-Chairmen, Summit
Leadership Conference
Senator LeRoy Johnson
« Rep. Wm. Alexander _ ..
/Rep. John Greer Kap, hae T+ Nawller
Rep. John Hood
Mr. Benjamin T. Smith
Dr. M. L. King, Sr.
Bishop Ernest L. Hickman
Mr. T. M. Alexander, Sr.
Mrs. Eunice Cooper
Dr. John A. Middleton, Pres. Morris Brown
Dr. Benjamin E. Mayes, Pres., Morehouse
Dr. Rufus E. Clement, Pres., Atlanta University
Dr. Albert E. Manley, Pres. Spelman
Dr, Harry V. Richardson, Pres, ITC

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