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Box 12, Folder 6, Document 14

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State Water

47 Trinity Avenue, S. W.

November 17, 1967

Tb Mela t (Madi

Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr. SPM f Su Ua Qa Lye w

Mayor, City of Atlanta
City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia 30303 a /me___

Dear Mayor Allen: =
We have received a number of complaints in this of¥ice

pertaining to pollution in Proctor Creek. We have also had

a request from the Emory Community Legal Services Center for

a copy of a report of the existing conditions in this drainage
basin. For your information and perusal we are enclosing a

copy of this report. We trust that it will be useful to you and
your personnel in future planning for pollution abatement in that

We have taken steps to obtain corrective measures regarding
the industrial waste being discharged to this stream,

If you have any questions or wish to discuss this matter
with us, please let us know.

With best wishes,


Executive Secretary

RSH :mdg
ec: Mr. Robert H. Morriss


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