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Box 12, Folder 6, Document 17

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November 16, 1967

Mr. R. E. Newton
Newton, Incorporated
633 Pryor Street, S.W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30315

Dear Mr. Newton:

Your letter of November 10 to Mr. Ray Nixon, regarding the
repairing of the City sewer located through your property,
has been referred to me for reply.

As was noted in your letter and verified by our field in-
vestigation of November 14, this matter does require
immediate attention.

Mr. Sam Freeman, our Construction Superintendent, assures

me that he will have a crew begin the repair work as soon

as possible, hopefully within ten days.

Thanking you for your patience in thie matter, I remain
Yours truly,

OK Mazuslld

R.K. Lancaster
W.P.C. Division


cc: Mpys Ray Nixon
yor Ivan Allen

a ee Se ee



i , L


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