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ey? Fulton County, Georgia

° Inter-Office Memorandum

To: Mr. A, Tutaer Melonald, Director of Publle Works
From: Alan F. KAleppar, i Maceger Date June 27, 19687
Subject: Depreciation charges on sewage

treuiinent plants and pumping stations

Tris will confirm cur recant conversation regurding your merorandum
datagq May 1G, 1467, in which you ofoposed that tve charoe tha City
or Stlanta for devrecistion on sawaga ire atriant slonts and purring
stations whicn Gre nandling City scwag I discussed this subject

with Assistant to tha Mayor Earl ates: on Juno u, Lu67. Ht said
that this entire matter nad vean fully alfred oad discussed in ceriy


1353 with formar Countv Manager A, &. Fullor. Mr. Landers ssid

that tne City's oosition was that no depreciation is charged to tha.
County for City iecillties involve d in contractual ssrvicss. Spack-
foally, the City does aot cherga depreciation on igs incinerators a5
pert of our garbace collection and disposal contract, it doss not cherge
dopraciation oa tho police station in the colice comirict, and it does
not cherge copreciation on City fire stations waich supply protection
to the County on call, Afr, Landors further steted that, since Fuiton
County's gensral obligation bonds ore retired otis zrily isom tax fuais
lavied in ths City of Atisnia, the City did aot foal di was equitzbls ior
it to be chargad dapreclation on County iscilitiss
bonds. He made it vary clear that the City vould

dapreciation in County charges for seweg2 treatrrent als mts ang puinping

co AS


Since the matter has | BBPOE eatly boon fully aired before at which time it
was agreed thet cevracintion would not ba 3 factor ts contracts =
services Letwean the City and the County 2nd tiace ths
tna City's rosition as stated by Mr, tandears, J i
Sebility of re~oponing this issue at this thira. rrankly, in view of
tha information steted above, I would be forced to agra. ty"
position. Sines the County Commission may wiah to pursus tie matter
énd ra-opea tha issues of daprociution charges, Jen: fomverding to tham


copies of this memorancun and ,our memorandum of May 19, 1357.









In ta3 interim J suggest that you continus your prior pracilca of billing
tna City only ior actual @ xpen3es with no provision ior depraciation.



4 7


cc; Board of County Commissioners
“tr, Ro Borl Landers, Assistant to the Mayor of Atlanta


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