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CITY OF ATLANTA, ay o~ ebb



Mass Meeting: Mt. Moriah Baptist Church

We attended a mass Gentes at the Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, corner
of Ashby and Fair St. at OPM this date.

The following was stated by Rev Boone as being necessary for the
Board of Education:

1. That there is not enough Negro members in the Technical Schools

2. That there are not enough text books

3. That schedules must be ready by the first day of school and

3 and that not too many be enrolled

kh. That a re-study of all text books be made, with no proper
respect on race,

5. That no rule be issed denying freedom of speech

6. That a Negro Principal be put into the school and not only
in Negro schools

7. That by Jan 1, 1968, a Negro superintendant is placed in charge
of the schools

8. That departments be directed by Negroes

9. That children be removed from the double sessions

Rev. Boone spoke on the lack of decent housing, in the Negro
sections, poverty and the failure on the part of power structure.

A Mrs. Dorothy Bolton came forward, speaking for the parents
bringing back to mind that in 196, the first march to Central
High School. She spoke on how the parents must join together

in order to take a stand for their children. She further stated
that she herself had gone down to Dr. Letson's office and tried
to appeal to him but that he only put her off saying that she had
to wait until he had time to see her,

Mr. Thomas Harper, representing Youth Town, spoke on how his
organization was designed to keep teens in line, meaning that
they were trying to keep them from becoming juvenile delinquents,
He too talked ofthe double sessions in the schools and on how
he thought the Negroes were being cheated out of an education.

Three points that were brought out were as follows:
Slums must go

Dr. Letson must go

Double sessions in the schools must go

Mr. Hosea Williams came to the platform at this time speaking
on the subject of proving ones manhood. He stated that this

S2gads SB4Y rBEnRER”BOLHRn BRePAELE HSM Come together in an



Dr. Martin Luther King spoke last stating that we are either
together or divided but that there was no division in NAACP.
He stated that dope victims and alcoholics are only caused by
the lack of unemployment. He stated that Atlanta boast of
having jobs for everyone but that wnen the Negro people go
down to the city hall annex, they are turned away with the
pretense of not being well enough qualified.

He ended by saying that the job of the Negro demandedwmity and
that we might be separated among ourselves but together against
the white people.

At this time it was stated that each person present would march
with the leaders down to the Washington High School. Dr. King
advised the group to have numerous demonstrations, non-violently.
He reminded them of the destruction of the previous riots and
indicated by his speech that we did not nped a reoccurance,.

Other guests were as follows:

Dr. M.L. King Jr.
A.M. Davis

Ralph Abernathy
Sam Williams
Joseph Boone
Hosea Williams
Leroy Johnson
Julian Bond



Sgt. L. Goss
Det JP Arnold
Mrs. Linda Tucker

P.S. Dr. King stated that he had planned to makea speech,
and had already written it out at this time, but that
since everybody else had made such good remarks he would
not speak, but that he would bring out points on their
remarks. These are listed above,


In Regards to the Mass Meeting:

Tonight upon completion of the meeting at the Mt. Moriah Baptist
Church, Hosea Williams asked the entire group to accompany him

in a march to Washington High School. He came to the outside at
the front steps and again anpesaled to the group to march with him.
He succeeded in getting approximately 300. They marched north on
Ashby Street to Hunter St. During the march, approximately one
half of these people dropped out along the way. The remainder
continued to the front steps of Washington High School, where they
sang two songs.

Hosea Williams greeted the group. He told them that we must demon-
strate until superintendent Letson knows that we are not playing.

We should turn this city upside down, I meam we should fill all

the jails with adults and not send our children. He stated we

must show the power structure of the school and of the police depart-
ment that we mean business. He further stated that Chief Jenkins

had sent his good guys out to be with them tonight, he knew that
there wouldn't be any trouble,

This group remained on the steps of Washington High School for
about 30 minutes. They then dispersed and went in different direct-
ions. This group at the church consisted of approximately eleven


Be Bci,

Set. L. Goss
Det. JP Arnold



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