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Office of General Manager

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

October 20, 1967



TO: Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr., Mayor, City of Atlanta
FROM: Jack C. Delius, General Manager of Parks & Recreation

SUBJECT: Transfer of summer recreation program to School

The Recreation and Park Survey which started October 2, 1967
will be concluded we hope by December 29, 1967. The group is
giving special consideration to your suggestion and request
that the feasibility of turning over to the School Department
special recreation programs in the disadvantaged areas of 1968.

On several occasions you have expressed concern that the Parks
Department is constructing a facility some 2}; blocks from the
existing Daniel Stanton Elementary School. The Daniel Stanton
Park Site, like all the other purchased under the 1963 Bond
Issue, was initially selected after careful consideration by
the Planning Department based on population, availability of
space, etc. The philosophy of the 1963 Park Acquisition Plan
was that park land would be purchased immediately adjacent or
near existing or programed elementary schools so as not to
duplicate facilities. In the case of Daniel Stanton School,
there presently is an enrollment of 914 pupils. Initially,

the School facility had only two acres of property and have
recently added four for a total of six acres. The State minimum
requirements for the current school population at this location
would be 14.1 acres; thus, the Daniel Stanton School lacks 8.1
acres according to State standards. Since there is hardly
enough acreage for minimum school functions, we feel that we
are correct in proceeding with the development of the Daniel
Stanton Park Site. The fact that we are constructing a build-—
ing on the park site this close to a school (in view of the
fact that possibly some of the school could be used for inside
recreation) is unique in that we were able to remodel an
existing Georgia Power Company sub-station building into a

(Cont *d)
Mayor Allen
Page Two
October 20, 1967

useable and adequate gymnasium. We are quite deficient in
gyms all over the City of Atlanta.

I have again checked to see if we are correct in attempting
to buy property in the Northwest area of the City of Atlanta
and specifically adjacent to the Bowen Homes Housing Project
on James Jackson Boulevard. This location has been declared
the most urgent in need of additional park acreage in a recent
study by the Planning Department. The Williams Elementary
School serving Bowen Homes has a present enrollment of 1129
pupils. It sets on a 5-acre site and again according to
State standards should have a minimum of 16.3 acres. Thus,
the school itself is deficient 11.3 acres. We are in the
process of condemning nearby property amounting to 11.019
acres of land. }

CC: All members of Park Committee
Mr. Dan Sweat


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