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Atlanta, Georgia
July 31, 1967 yy

Mr. Ivan Allen, Jr. IY # Bs
Mayor of Atlanta pe © ¢
City Hall ;

Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Sirs

I'm writing this letter to you in regards
to my dauchter, Lynn Hall Mitéhell who was
employed by the citv of Atlanta Recreation
Department until to-day when she resigned.

She was discrimated, intimated and threatened
with her being fired, until she was forced
to resign.

She was off one day when her husband was
very sick, and about two and a half hours
another dey to ¢o to the Health devartment
to take her nhysicel. Mgs® Mercherson told
her she had been out four days which her atten-
dance record would prove is not true. Lynn
just graduated from Southwest DeKalb with aver-
ace gprades and she so wanted to work for the
city, but it seems Mrs. Mercherson had a friend
who wanted the job. Lynn had a slight speech
defect, from birth and I'm sure this is why she
was disctrimated arsinst and I'm sure you being
a men of honor can rive her @ fob. She resigned
to keep Miss Mercherson from having the satis-
faction of havine fired her. I think you should
investigate this oftice and if it was not any
thing Lynn had done, you should see that she
gets a job in some other devartment as she don't
want to work for Miss Mercherson again.

I am sending a copy of this letter to Mtss
Mercherson as TIT want her to know that the speech
defect (which is very slicht) that my daughter
has is the work of God, and I hope she can sleep
well after this dirty deal she cave my daughter.
I can see why she is still a ‘'MIssS*.,

Yours very truly,
James H, Hall, Sr.

P.S. I hava a son in Viet Nahm but wonder why ==
for Miss Mercherson?


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