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Box 13, Folder 12, Document 138

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684 Fillnine Drive, N. E.
Atlante, Georgia 30306
Mareh 6, 1967

My. Jack C. Delius, General Manager
Parks and Recreation
Atlanta, Georgia 3093

Dear Mr, Delius:

Thank you for your promptness in looking into my suggestion to
Mayor Allen that Mr. Wilbur Kurtz, Sr. be memoria@lized with a little
"Confederate Park",

This little strip of woods (some six acres) running perallel to
Hillpine Drive was offered free to the City yeers ago, but it is my unéer-
standing that it was never accepted by the City. Now thet the adjacent
land is up for re-zoning, Petition 2-66+260-B, and the developers seem to
be encroaching on the park area, this is to ask tht you please accept it
for the City. Other than back taxes there is no money tied up in & Glix
scres seni the developers, by claiming this, gives them a greater density
then should be allowed in this congested area,

Referring to the second paragraph of your letter wherein you state
that you think the best thing to do would be to retain the areca in its
natural condition encourages me to believe that the City actually has this
park srea under its jurisdiction, and in which case we property owners have
nothing to worry about!

We were assured at the time we bought our ilttle home here some
twenty-one yoars ago that this area in baek of us had been designated as a
park area and would always remain that way, however, as © neighborhood group
we had to take out an injunction upon one occasion against a gertain party
for eutting trees on this property, and I am under the impression that the
injunction is still in effect.

To wrap it all up Mr. Delius, 4s @ humble property omer, I would
appreciate enything you can do to help us preserve this six acres as is and
maybe some day it could be converted into 4 littie park in memory to Mr. Kurtz,
and too it wuld make an ideal bird sanctuary! There could be an entrance on
Hilipine under the power line,


Heir Gale 6. Bok

Yre, Cherles {. Clark

ee: Hon. Ivan Allen, Jr. a
fon, Richard C, Freeman
Atlanta Bird Club
Atlanta Historical Society


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