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March 1, 1967

Mr, Charles L,. Davis
City of Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Charles:

Thank you very much for establishing Account G34-62-780C~1,
Salaries, Playloet Program, in the amount of $48,000. I am
now faced with another problem and its simply this; EOA had
several very fine recreation workers in hard core poverty
areas such as Vine City who were closely in touch with the
population and had won the confidence of the young teenagers.
Such an individual is Eddie Murphy who is now working for the
YMCA at $5600 a year. He is willing to take a cut, and come
with us, eas a Community Center Director, for $5044 a year if
he can be assigned to Vine City and continue to work out of
the recreation office rented for and paid by EOA,

I am on the verge of giving him the job and am of the opinion
that his sal should be charged to the above. In order to
make the $48, stretch far enough, this summer we will
employ playlot sonnel using the old City title of Recrea-
tion Leader at $12.75 per day or $1.59 hour. We had
originally ammed our budget at $1.96 an hour; thus, we
are saving .37¢ an hour for a total of £14,760 man hours
which amounts to $5361.20 a year.

The problem, we have now got Vine City mostly solved and we
have taken care of, to a limited degree, Mechenicsville by
employing Edward Moody and renting a house at 255 Dodd Ave.
as a eation Center. The rent has to be paid and Moody's
salary will be charged to the above account. However, we
are now receiving requests te move into Summer Hill which is |
on the east side of the south expressway and most likely will
heve to set up some type of operation at Perry Homes.

Mr. Charles L. Davis
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It may well be that I will have to come back to you and

ask for you to freeze additional positions so as to accrue
more than $48,000 in order to carry en these various new and
unorthedex programs.

I want to have everything lined up for this summer so that
they come off vary smoothly and on you for your assistance
and help, I am

Cordi ally,

Jack C, Delius
General Manager of
Parks and Recreation


ce: Hon. ivan Allen, or. ~
Mr. Carl Paul
Miss Virginia Carstcneed
Mr. Stanley T. Martin, Jr,
Mrs. Jo Ann Guest
All Park Committee Members

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