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Box 13, Folder 12, Document 152

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February 22, 1967

TO : Jack Delius
FROM : Ivan Allen, Jr.

Ihave had a number of people complain to me about the
cleanliness of the Children's Zoo at Grant Park.

From personal observation, I would say that it is maintained
not on an unclean basis, but an untidy basis.

I think perhaps some of the untidiness is brought about by

the heavy density of traffic on certain days, plus the fact

that in many instances they are short-cutting across the grass
and through the shmubbery, rather than staying on the walks.

I would suggest that you consider a simple single stran of

link chain to prevent people from walking across certain areas.
Secondly, that you institute a constant clean-up, pick-up service
in these particular areas to be certain that there are never any
signs of untidiness such as cigarette butts, gum wrappers,
paper, etc,



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