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February 10, 1967

Hon. John M, Flanigen
245 Third Avenue, S.E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30317

Dear Mr. Flanigen:

Thank you very much for my copy of your letter to Mr.
Leftwich of February 8, 1967 dealing with the needs at
the Wesley Avenue Park.

Several months ago, Alderman 9. V. Williamson and
Alderman Buddy Fowlkes and the under&&gned met with
citizens of the Wesley Avenue area and discussed the
needs of the park. We explained to them that the
Capital Improvement Budget would ke made up shortly
after January 1, and we would do our very best to in-
clude some funds for Wesley Avenue.

Our total Park Improvement Budget available for Capital
Improvements is only $302,590. It was not possible to
finance the Community Recreation Building for Wesley
Avenue during fiscal 1967; however, $10,500 was allo-
cated for fencing ($2500) and lighting of the baseball
field ($8000). We were able to out of some surplus in
our 1966 Budget to buy lights for the multiple use
court and tennis area in the park. By copy of this
letter, I am asking Miss Virginia Carmichael, Director
of Recreation, to advise you as to the type of leader-
ship and supervised recreation being offered in this

As to the condition of the perk being deficient, mainly,
because the wash of water to the area brings dirt and
debris, I would like to explain that a private Landscape
Contractor planted the entire three times in grass
without success. We were finally able to analyze the
fact that the ground originally was occupied by a ferti-
lizer manufacturing company and the chemical content was
toxic towards the soil. We feel this coming spring,
that the excessive chemicals will lea out, and we
will be able to esbablish a good stand of grass.


a et a ii tennant reiterate anaemia a

Hon. J. M. Flanigen
Page Two

It is certainly true that vandalism is going on at this
and most other parks. Our workers have actually been
shot at on two separate occasions while doing survey
work within the park and our Labor Foreman was chased
through the park by a local citizen who was suffering
from the effects of glue sniffing.

We appreciate your interest in Wesley Avenue and wish

to assure you that we too would like to have sufficient
funds to build a first class community building? however,
we have programed no buildings in any of our 1967
projects because of limit of funds.


Jack C,. Delius
General Manager of
Parks and Recreation


cc: Hon. Ivan Allen, Jr., Mayor -~
Hon. Charlie Leftwich
Mr. Charles Turner, 1567 Paxon Ave., S.H.
Miss Virginia Carmichael



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