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1717 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Washington, D.C, 20036
(202) 265-2224

William L. Slayton
Executive Vice President

September 12, 1967

To the Officers, Trustees, and friends of
Urban America:

Last winter, Stephen Currier proposed that leaders from the major
segments of society that make up our cities be brought together to
press for the cities’ needs. On Thursday, August 24, more than
1,200 such leaders met in an unprecedented Emergency Convocation
to further this objective in the name of the Urban Coalition. The
day, by coincidence, was the 37th anniversary of Stephen Currier's

I am enclosing, with the pride and satisfaction he would have
shared, the report of that Convocation, including the statement of
goals it adopted, I believe that it constitutes a truly significant
first step toward forming the kind of national consensus required

for the solution of our critical urban problems. The accompanying
selection of clippings indicates that there is wide agreement on this

The Urban Coalition is now an independent force, and Urban America
has helped make it so. We will continue to work in whatever appro-
priate ways we can to make its goals a reality.


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William L.


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